Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sticky Beak

A secret garden in Savannah

MOTH's been in the Dog-House yet again for a statement he made while we out to dinner with friends recently. One of my mates asked me what I'd been up to lately & before I could reply, MOTH piped up 'She's been blogging!' So as you can imagine that's where the conversation immediately went. Now while I love my little blog, I'm very territorial about it with non-believers. In fact you could say it's about the only time I ever clam up about anything. My friend then asked me why do I blog. Once again before I could answer, MOTH jumped in with 'Because she's nosey & likes to have a squiz into everyone else's lives!' Well, that was it - he got Millie's famous 'Death Stare' & a very firm kick under the table, both of which seemed to silence him pretty quickly.

So for the record I don't blog because I'm nosey. If MOTH actually asked me for a sensible explanation, I'd be very happy to give him one! But I will admit I am quite nosey when it comes to houses & gardens. I have been known to stick my nose over the occasional fence or 5 for a quick sticky-beak. And I'm hopeless when it comes to walled gardens. MOTH reckons if there was a ladder small enough to fit into my handbag, I'd definitely have one! These are some secret gardens that just make me want to ask him for a leg-up, so I could poke my nose over the top & drool at the vista beyond.

A walled garden in Charleston

Beautiful iron gates in Barretstown

A meandering path to an interesting space ahead

Stone walls form a fascinating back-drop to this garden in Stocktonbury

Opening the gate into a secret garden in St. Mary's Bramber

Climbing roses & perennials fill a corner of this delightful secret garden at the Geffrye Mueseum

A beautiful secluded space in Hoboken, a busy suburb of New York

Excitement for what lies ahead beyond these wonderful iron gates in Palermo

An enticing entrance to a pretty courtyard garden in Charleston

Another gorgeous secret garden in Hoboken

This most fabulous old gate in this stone wall just begs to be opened


  1. Millie~ It's o.k. to want a little seaky peak into gardens... it's not alright for MOTH to think that you, of all people are noisy! C'mon MOTH!!! We love ya, but this is one sweet, caring, non-noisy woman! What would we do without you? John has often spoken up about my blog in the company of those that I would rather not share with... he is tending to his black and blues. I'm alone for two glorious weeks while J. is down at the Keys on an annual fishing trip....ahhhh!

  2. I am sitting here chuckling because I identify exactly with your post.
    I'd want to climb the fence too. That's one reason I love walking... so I can nosey at people's gardens and houses.
    It's a healthy addiction:)

  3. Oh Millie, I am so glad you blog because it is such a treat to come and visit you and see what wonderful things you have to show and tell.
    Thank you.

    I love all the beautiful gardens you have shown in this post.
    Note to self - do some gardening.


  4. * My dear Millie~~~ Well, if your darling MOTH ever says "NO!" to an assisting "leg up", from what I just saw of those magnificent places, it's actually WORTH a BROKEN leg... WOW!!!!!

    Thanks for the chuckles!
    Linda in AZ *

  5. When you see a beautiful wall or gate, you know something spectacular has to lie beyond right :)

  6. oh I do love a secret garden and because its secret you have to be a sneaky to get a look - but what a thrill when you do :)

  7. M-

    i loved this story........
    clearly, there are 2 sorts of people in this world.
    bloggers & non-bloggers.

    and blogging can be about is NOT about being nosy. when i started this blog of mine, who knew that i would meet
    (and get to know) such incredible people ? !
    i certainly didn't have a secret agenda nose around.
    it's about sharing our gorgeous
    And an occasional thought or feeling about something... after all,that is what makes us different from flipping through a mag.
    now........magazines have agendas !

    ps in regards to daughter and my friends roll their eyes at me.
    how else in the world would i ever be able to make so many like minded friends, if it were not for design blogging.

  8. ...and whats wrong with that!!!
    Ness xx

  9. Millie, your story had me chuckling. It too can't resist a sticky beak over the hedge and thru the gate of others gardens, so I understand this completely. I've already warned my husband that if he wants to stay married, he's not pass comments (or judgement) about my blogging. I'm sure MOTH knows the same now.

    BTW, beautiful sneakworthy garden in this post!

  10. Millie - I love your site - you make me laugh!
    Who can resist a vine covered gate?

  11. I like to peek over too and wish I could take a look inside as well. Ax

  12. Speaking for someone eles while in their presents is not a nice thing to do. Was he drinking? I do the same thing to my husband, more often when I am drinking. We are just trying to be funny but it is not nice and it looks like MOTH became the butt of this joke. I am a sucker for secret gardens too. Love ya, HEidi

  13. They are all the most lovely gardens....but Oh I want to go into the last magical is that!!!
    Hugs Lynn xx

  14. I had a friend recently tell me with that mean kind of voice that I had too much time on my hands. It was made in reference to my blog. I just shook my head and said, "you just don't get it."

    And I love seeing other people's houses and gardens and blogs too.

    Love you blog btw.

  15. Its just not a guy thing. Except for all the excellent bloggers like Eddie Ross!

  16. Hi Millie. I came over to visit you from View from the Pines. I love the post you just did. My husband and I just got back from Savannah about 3 weeks ago. We went during that time specifically so we could do the North of Gaston Street Hidden Gardens Tour. All little bitty hidden gardens in the historic district. It was breath taking.

    Now on the subject of blogging...I can totally identify with what you said. People who blog understand. People who don't blog do not understand and are kind of rude about it. That's my experience.

    Come visit my blog and see my garden anytime!

  17. the first garden is so enchanting!

  18. Oh this sooo reminds me of the book The Secret Garden. I didn't read it until I was grown, but I loved it! What gorgeous gardens...thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Don't know if you've been to Savannah or Charleston, but you would love it...sooooo many gorgeous secret gardens...take a ladder! :-)

  19. Ok, just saw you live in Australia...just a little ways away from Charleston and Savannah, GA. least there are a lot of good books out there on those places/gardens. :-)


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