Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Turning Back

Another big day in the Bathroom From Hell - Russell the Plumber is finalizing all the channeling of the brickwork & the setting in of all the new pipes for the double shower, sink & loo. Too late now if MOTH's measurements are incorrect, if they are we're done for! I've decided to go for a single, very schmick looking tall mixer that will be set in the stone top of the cantilevered vanity, rather than individual tap/faucets on the wall or ones set into the sink. This does involve more work, but Russell said those magic words to me very early on 'Millie, I can do anything you want.' & I've taken this & run with it! While I really love the bathroom I posted on Friday, this one from the talented designer Helen Green is very different, but just as gorgeous. Send your prayers to the Gods of Perfect Measurement for us today!

All images Helen Green


  1. I am praying Millie. I must tell you about a bath I saw on a house tour. In the master there were two separate baths-his and hers. Joined by a dual shower in the middle. I loved the idea of each having their own space but this connected shower. I've never seen it since and it made so much sense to me. Maybe next house... Hope it all goes well.

  2. Oh Millie, it must be getting exciting for you ~ a step closer to your new bathroom.

    Best of luck with the measurements and hope they are perfect.


  3. Hi Millie
    New bathrooms always look so pristine and white! At least your bathroom from hell is on the way out. I have the joy of mine, complete with impractical temple/altar vanity, mouldy carpet, rotten floor...(I could go on) to contend with for some time yet I fear. I am looking forward to seeing your new space!

  4. Have confidence, you of little faith - it will be perfect and just what you have imagined, xv.

  5. Oh good luck Miss Millie. It sounds like it will work out perfectly. My kingdom for a handyman husband. Good on you MOTH for all your hard work so far! A-M xx

  6. Good luck with it all! I can't wait to see it.
    By the way thank you for the gorgeous tour of Adelaide's best suburb yesterday. Your previous home look so stately and gracious. I'll take the little workman's cottage in Eastwood - perfect size for me and my little man.

  7. crossin the old fingers and toesies for you and Moth on this will be perfection, im sure!!

  8. prayers to the gods of pm coming from seattle!


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