Friday, May 15, 2009


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Lord, Give me Strength...

To keep my cool when MOTH has to work on other people's houses all weekend not ours because he's running behind, even though he swore on our children's lives he wouldn't.

To keep my chin up when everyone else posts on their fantastic bathroom renovations & new builds completed in record time.

To be patient when MOTH's settled in with his Footy Budget in our one remaining loo just when I'm busting to go.

To still smile sweetly each time my friend tells me about her gorgeous new bathroom and then not to be jealous of her.

To endure the neighbours laughing each time they look over the fence & still see the gigantic hole in the bathroom wall.

To keep from crying when I see the rain pouring in the said hole.

To not yell at MOTH when he turns up with the concrete cutter to rip more bathroom floor up, after he said he'd finished for good & I'd dusted, vacuumed & mopped the previous 3 inches of dust from everything in the house.

To forgive Russell the Plumber when he keeps me waiting for 3 hours for an appointment - then tells me I can't have the layout I want & his original quote has doubled.

To make the right decision about the tiles.

To maintain a good relationship with my husband in spite of all this & not seek advice from my friend the Family Court Lawyer about my options.


  1. Oh Millie~ you are a dream and an incredible matie. I hope that you have a womderful weekend. I do miss our weekends together. C'mon MOTH- give this gal somw wine.

  2. I understand completely and you are in my prayers.

  3. Millie - I am so with you on this! My husband is a builder, and guess what...he's working on somebody else's house this weekend while the renovations at our own home languish! You've certainly put a smile on my dial today. Thanks. Lee :)

  4. i feel for you.

    this sounds so frustrating...
    that i am pulling my own hair out for you !!


  5. I'll be saying said prayer for you tonight, I know it is an extremely serious issue dear Millie, but gosh you make me giggle.

    Ensure you get 'millie time' this weekend. I'm squeezing mine in tomorrow - I think a morning watching season 4 of the hills in my pj's (disgusting show i know, but i love it) and then girls lunch at the stanley bridge pub at Verdun. xxx

  6. I hope you get asked for patience otherwise I fear MOTH will need to find many more jobs outside the home! Once again, Millie, you have made me laugh.
    Clare x

  7. Hi Millie,

    I feel for you Millie but just think how beautiful your new dream bathroom will be when it is finished.
    You need a little pampering, maybe a manicure or facial, after your busy time at work.

    Enjoy your weekend

  8. Oh, girlfriend...Work your womanly charms on him..
    A girl can ALWAYS get what she way or another..
    wink wink!

  9. Hi Millie - the joys of renovating with husbands, especially husbands who are always right! I hope it doesn't end in tears - sending you lots of courage for your weekend! Leanne

  10. Millie soon this will all be a distant memomory while you sit in your brand new tub sipping a glass of champagne, candles lit, music playing softly in the day soon hopefully!

  11. LOL! My best friend loaned me her husband a few weekends ago to help me finish some projects. We got the bulk of them done but I'm still waiting on some trim work to be finished. Oh well. It will get done when it gets done.

    I'll say a prayer for you. :)

  12. Hi Millie...I like what Catherine@SimplyNatural said!!! I know what you mean...My DH works in IT and doesn't want a bar of computers when he gets home...seems to be the way of most MOTHs...Have a lovely weekend...Dzintra♥x

  13. Dear Millie, the bathroom will come, it will be beautiful and MOTH will be triumphant with his handiwork....'when' is just a matter of time and so is how long your patience will last! Have a lovely calm weekend, xv.

  14. We are in renovation mode also so I know how you feel.

  15. To wait by the mailbox for Fifi's package to arrive... it left America today!
    Bon week-end!

  16. Millie - I feel for you! Maybe he needs a rewards chart stuck on the fridge like I do for my children :-). Hope you find a lovely spot of calm at some stage this weekend with the only sound you can hear is the hammering of tools working on your bathroom. Meredith xo

  17. Hi Millie, I'll light a candle for you & hope your prayers are answered, what a scream, does MOTH read your postings? hint hint..thanks so much for your comments on my blog, they are encouraging as I still have my "L" plates on.

  18. Lovely Millie, Keep you chin up! I'm resigned to having a half finished bathroom for quite some time. My home made basins may never eventuate. My glorious double shower won't be plumbed until we can find (and afford) a tiler and we will be stuck having 'hip bath' style showers in the bathtub until then! Love Anna :)

  19. we totally need the strenght sometimes don't we? or some major patience....

    nice to meet you!

  20. my thoughts and prayers are with you..x pam


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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