Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Security to Aisle 5!

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Yesterday MOTH & I were forced to have a second attempt shopping for bathroom tiles & all the fittings. We tried about 6 weeks ago, but the whole thing ended in tears, with the Store Manager almost calling security to break us up, me storming out of the store in exasperation & no speakies for the rest of the day. However, this time MOTH rightly enough saw sense in all my choices, so Reece Plumbing at Mt. Barker were able to breath a little easier & stand-down the 4 Pinkerton guards they'd hired when they found out we were on our way again! We are under the pump to finalize everything as Russell the Plumber wants to start doing all the pipe-work on Thursday.

MOTH worked all weekend at a customer's place, but did spend a few hours starting our bathroom framework on Sunday night. Yes, that is a chink of night sky peeping through the hole in the wall! He also pulled down the existing plasterboard ceiling, only to be greeted with the most amazing sight - the original 1972 straw ceiling. This hideous stuff has been present hiding away in every other room, but honestly, what were they thinking when they put it in a BATHROOM of all places!

Yes, I know it looks terrible at the moment, but never fear, MOTH has worked wonders for me in other bathrooms & I know this one will be just as good.


  1. Don't worry my bathroom reno had many stories to tell.My husband did all the work himself plumbing tiling the lot ( I sent you some photo's previosly )so it took from August last year to February this year to be finished completely It was really finished in December but my husband dropped the mirror and because of everything shutting down for Xmas it took to February. It is absolutely fabulous. So I know yours will be too so brave the dust and mess.

  2. hmmm, a straw ceiling is certainly and, um, interesting choice for a bathroom, even in 1972! Hope all goes smoothly this week:)

  3. Glad to hear that there were no tears - husbands just need to understand that if they agree all will work out perfectly!! Leanne

  4. Hi Karen - lovely to hear from you again. The pics you sent of your bathroom were fab, your boy produced a truly gorgeous result & the tiles look particularly awesome. I know we'll get there eventually, but it's wonderful to have the support & encouragement of my bloggie chums.

    Romana - I'm so with you girl on the Three Little Pigs straw ceiling!

  5. MOTH has great hamstrings... now you can't say that about guy making his way around a bathroom.
    Can't wait to see the finished room. Why can't they just listen and go along with things??? It would make it ever so much easier for them in the long run.

  6. Oh happy day for you - btw does MOTH know that we're all perving on him? Love your work MOTH.

  7. I'm praying that your remodel will be done soon! Is it me, or is this taking a long time!!! LOL

    Cathleen :)

  8. hip hip horray!!!!!!!!he is on a ladder!!!!

  9. Leanne - such wise words!

    Dear Debra - I'll pass on your comments to MOTH. He's increased the dosage on his Ibuprofen lately, he says since turning 60 morning stiffness has taken on a whole new meaning!!

    Meredy - yes, he's vaguely aware that there are many sets of eyes on him. He worries that everyone sees him looking particularly grotty. So I've promised to post a pic of him scrubbed up shortly to keep him & his ego happy!

    Oh Cathleen I laughed & laughed at your comment! Yes, gorgeous girl you are very correct, it's taking FOREVER!!

    Red Ticking, I so with you on that!

  10. A huge hugs to MOTH. I agree w/ Meredith §:-)) He've got nice thighs huh? (kidding but true)

    Just be happy the MOTH do his way and I know this will turn great.

    Thanks for saying "Good Night" in my cute bed. Wish you enjoy sleeping on that w/ my smooth linen beddings *wink

  11. I cant stop laughing, I know this is a serious matter but you both sound like my partner and me, except we now have clear boundaries I'm the inside he is the outside, but of course that doesn't stop me interfering there also xx

  12. now I'm reading past posts that I sadly missed out on and now I'm really really laughing :))))

  13. Soon, soon. And thanks with those words of encouragement Millie! You're the best!
    Lisa & Alfie

  14. Hi Millie,

    That had me laughing, needing security in Aisle 5.

    You are lucky to have a Moth that seems to be doing wonders for your bathroom.
    We do need to have patience though, I know talking from experience with H's home handy work.

    Good luck and look forward to seeing your new bathroom.


  15. Hi Millie
    I'm a recent discoverer of your blog, and I just loved your 'security' post. I can so picture to this scenario. It sounds so funny when it relates to someone else, but when it happens to you - not so funny. My husband is the least handy/least visual person on the planet, and we're about to start some major renovations. Help...!!

  16. Hooray for some progress!! Ax

  17. Hi Millie! I'm so happy that dear Moth has come to his senses and now sees how utterly perfect all of your choices are! Yea for Moth! And yea for progress! It'll be done in no time! ;)


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