Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh no, it's a Man Cold!

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Yep, just when I needed to lock myself away in the office at home & concentrate on getting my work project completed & all the reports done by today, MOTH' s been struck down by that most devastating of all disease conditions - the Man Cold!

So in between trying to collate & compile all my report data, field panicky calls from Head Office about the looming deadline & yes, actually see some clients, I've had him home from work all week wanting my undivided attention.

For those fellow Virgoeans out there, MOTH's one of your mob, so that should give you the picture straight up of what I've had to contend with. For others who may not be up to speed with the traits of Virgo they are preoccupied with health and hygiene (Michael Jackson is also a Virgo - pass the face masks please!). MOTH's got the most comprehensive & best- stocked toiletries bag in the entire Western world & honestly, just looking inside it this week, I reckon he could quite happily perform the most complex of open-heart surgery procedures with what he's currently got stockpiled in there!

When he first started to sniffle on Monday night, there were of course immediate calls to the WHO Hot-Line as he was convinced he had that flu. After an hour of being on hold, I had to firmly remind him that the last time he was in North America was 1989 & it was going to be pretty unlikely that the virus would only just be manifesting itself in him now! To say he was disappointed would be the understatement of the century!

He's managed to shuffle off to work today, but I'm betting he'll be home by lunch-time, needing to take to his bed immediately with a glass of medicinal Scotch, this week's copy of the Footy Times & of course, his bed-side buzzer ready to call Nurse Millie in at the slightest opportunity. Have a great weekend everyone, & if anyone wants to relieve me on any of my home-nursing shifts I'd be eternally grateful!


  1. hilarious post, especially the part about no. america.
    ha ha

    hope he is better soon :(

  2. Oh Millie, I can remember the last time my hubby had a 'man cold' - I really do feel for you! Hope MOTH is feeling 100% again soon. Lee :)

  3. Man-cold...oh so that's what its called.

    Hope he gets well soon.

  4. I'm married to a Virgo as well... I know what you are talking about! Men sick are the worst... I hope he feels better for your sake SOON! ;)
    BTW please email me your address so I can send your notecards!

  5. What is it about men and sickness that they become babies at the slightest sign of a sniffle! Good luck over the weekend Millie and I would be wrestling that bottle of Scotch from MOTH and partaking of a little medicinal nip yourself. xv

  6. Hi Millie - I do hope he recovers for the weekend - Man colds are bad enough on a weekday but a weekend - nobody is allowed to be sick on a weekend! Hope he is feeling better soon. Leanne

  7. I should not be laughing at your expense...sorry! I do hope he is feeling better and that you get some time to relax this weekend after your busy week. Amanda x

  8. I really feel for you Millie. We get sick and we keep going business as usual because there is no one else to do the job. They get sick and you would think that they have the plague. Hang in there. Heidi

  9. Oh Nurse Millie, I do feel for you.
    Our Men seem to suffer from the cold, whereas we have to keep on going if we get it.

    I do hope that he is feeling better and that the medicinal Scotch has helped.

    Have a great weekend

    ps. Did you meet the deadline with your work? - hope so.

  10. Oh. Millie I am actually crying for you here. I am surrounded by 4 men...and boy do they get a cold "differently". Oy.

    Strength to you, dear child...may he recover soon.

    Sending you healing thoughts....and heck...let's throw a stay at a great tropical spa (for you) in there too!

  11. tee hee! they are all the same, one sniffle & they are dying! that was such a funny story, you have a great way with words. Thanks for your comments on my blog Millie, that was a nice surprise. Remember the vicks on the chest is a goodin' ...bfn Janet

  12. Hope MOTH is feeling better Millie - for your sake I mean! There is nothing worse than a sick man in the house! Enjoy what's left of your weekend. Tracey xx

  13. He he... what a sickie ma!

    Men can be sooooo sick even just a runny nose, eh? *wink

    Hope MOTH is going better this time. Just take it easy. Cook ginger, lime & honey is a good home med.


  14. My husband, Barkley, is beginning to enjoy my stories about MOTH.
    He really likes the guy. Thinks he's the greatest, totally & completely understands where he is coming from & going to!

  15. Oh I hear you Millie!
    Our Darling Emma (W&W) is on the task force for the pig flu pandemic in Melbourne, she has had some hilarious calls from some people!

    On the issue of man colds. My darling ex boyfriend (ex for a very good reason but still a very good friend) was showing signs of the 'man flu' one sunday arvo to which I told him to "toughen up and stop behaving like a bear with a sore head" - followed by a call in the early hours of Monday morning complaining he couldn't breath and I suggested he boil the kettle, water in bowel, vicks and towel over head etc etc. He insisted on going to emergency and at this stage I thought there 'may' be something in his man cold. Um, yeah. Turned out he had to stay in hospital for a week and then tests revealed later on he had legionnaire's disease....oops, not quite the man cold I thought it was?!


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