Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pretty Darn Gorgeous!

Adelaide's architectural style is easily recognizable to our interstate friends. Classical stone (bluestone & sandstone) houses set on large blocks of land laid out on a well-defined grid system of streets - that's what we're all about. Because I just can't help myself when it comes to these beautiful old buildings, here's a few offerings currently available at the moment for anyone tempted to cross the border & discover our hidden treasures. And still at very affordable prices - shhhhh!

A sensational double-fronted Edwardian sandstone villa in wonderful North Adelaide.

This very imposing Edwardian sandstone villa c.1910 with bay-window is in Fitzroy, a couple of minutes from the CBD.

A very cute double-fronted bluestone mid-Victorian villa in one of Adelaide's prettiest suburbs, North Adelaide.

A stunning bay-window early Victorian sandstone villa in magical Medindie.

A double-fronted sandstone Edwardian villa c.1910 in inner suburban Dulwich.

A big return verandah bluestone Edwardian villa c.1912 in Malvern.

A double-fronted Edwardian sandstone cottage/villa c.1908 in Parkside (in between Eastwood & Unley).

A double-fronted Edwardian sandstone villa c.1901 in fabulous Malvern.

A cute little single-fronted Victorian workman's cottage in Eastwood. So named as these were often a 'starter' house for a young couple. Eastwood adjoins the CBD, & often the residents worked in the big mansions close by, so they were able to walk to work each day from their home.

This bluestone villa in gorgeous Rose Park looks to be very early Victorian.

A cute Edwardian semi-detached (these properties were built as pairs sharing a common wall) in our old suburb, the lovely Unley.
All images Realestate.com.au

And lastly, a picture of our old house, a late Victorian return-verandah (triple fronted) villa in Unley, complete with MOTH's much-loved standard Roses. A labour of love for over 15 years, much blood, sweat & tears were expended here, just as we're doing all over again here in Stirling!


  1. I'll take the sandstone villa in Fitzroy thanks! Just love the garden.

  2. Your post takes my breath away. It is screaming to me DREAM HOUSE! DREAM HOUSE!! Thank you Millie.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! Here I was thinking I was a Sydney girl through and through.....Lovely photos Millie - hope the bathroom is going well. Meredith xo.

  4. I would be happy with any one of them- really beautiful. Your posts are always so much fun.
    Now...just what is reasonable???

  5. Millie, I love this post! The homes are stunning! Your old home- a work of art!!

  6. They ARE all lovely aren't they? I'm needing distraction today and that was it, now back to the bookwork - yuk.

  7. Your old house is gorgeous! Any one of these would do me...BTW so I can pay for my renovation! Ax

  8. I want to move to Adelaide.
    The houses are all so beautiful and they have such wonderful gardens.
    Thanks for sharing Millie.
    Your posts are always a treat and make my day.


  9. Ok Millie what do you prefer your old place or new.
    How about posting some photo's of the interiors then we can get an idea of your style.
    I know it's going to be classy What you like is hard to pick from your blog
    Kind Regards

  10. Oh they have Adelaide written all over them, don't they! Fabulous post Millie, this is why I love Adelaide. I think I've even stalked that Eastwood property on my visits to realestate.com lately - but alas, one needs to be a 'couple' to afford! poops! x

  11. Thank you for the tour, Millie.
    It's so much fun to see what the beautiful neighborhoods look like in Australia. I really must come for a visit some time!


  12. I adore old homes, although I have never lived in one! I'm not complaining, new homes are great! But, the charm of an old home is special....


  13. Gosh...I wanna move and live in one of those houses. Perfect for a retirement place, I can just imagine the people who live there sipping tea and having scones in mid afternoons on the huge verandah overlooking the beautiful gardens.

  14. apparently, millie, i'm gonna have to move to adelaide to get the front porch i've always wanted! nearly every house shown has one, low to the ground, no railings, just perfect. love the bluestone villa in Rose Park. and look at those roses in your former house! gorgeous. i've yet to tackle growing roses.

  15. charm,charm,charm.

    i wish i could see these up close.
    love 'em.

  16. Your blog is absolutely lovely, I really enjoyed looking at these photos! I grew up in Dulwich in London, England - I never knew there was one in Australia!
    I look forward to reading more!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Simone :)
    London, England

  17. Lovely post Millie :) Some of my fav styles of home in some of Adelaide's nicest suburbs!

  18. wbmrHi!

    I recently discovered your blog. Our son, his wife and their two children currently live in Mawson Lakes. We have been to Adelaide once and I was taken with the old style architecture. It is lovely and so different.

    Your former home is charming.

  19. What beautiful homes. It would be very hard to choose but a lot of fun!


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