Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Answer for Denise

This pic was taken a couple of Christmas's ago. The Before shot is next.

Sorry, but I don't know where else to ask this question - we have exposed beams in the living/dining room, painted, you guessed it, Mission Brown. Am seriously thinking of painting them white (walls are white, lamps white, furniture dk brown, accents black and increasingly blue) What do you think? BTW - marvellous blog.
Cheers, Denise.

Denise - hope these pics help. The Before pics were taken from the Real Estate Agent's brochure the first day we saw the house. The Afters as we are renovating. A huge caveat is that this house is still a huge Work-in-Progress, so the floors are still a hideous honey shade which we want to sand & restain a very dark colour. But as you know MOTH's got much more pressing tasks at hand! And I haven't put any artwork up as yet, want to do the floors first. Oh & that's still the old, original kitchen in the pics too - big yuk! One of the first things we did when we moved in was to paint the brown timber beams white. We don't have white walls, I've used a Parchment colour on all the bricks, just for a little contrast. Anyway I reckon go for it - paint those beams, it made a MONSTROUS difference to our rooms. Good luck & do let me know what you decide.

This is the best BEFORE shot of the first pic. It was not good!

I think the white beams lend a feeling of spaciousness to the area.

Looking back into the current Kitchen.

With the first beam painted - YAY!

BEFORE - as we saw it at the first Open Inspection.


  1. Hi Millie,

    That is an amazing transformation. Isn't it great when you buy a house with the ideas of knowing right away what you want to to with it to put your mark on it.
    Love the stockings hanging up!

    Happy weekend

  2. Oh it makes a huge difference. Mission Brown was sweeping all over Australia at one time, hmmmm.

  3. Hi Millie
    How hard was it to paint the bricks Did you prime first? I've been reluctant to paint ours but seeing your photos I'm more convinced the room looks beautiful
    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Millie
    Wonderful job you've done here. Such a relaxing space. The white makes such a difference and I love the lounges [did you get slip covers made?]. Hope you are having a great weekend. x Julie

  5. What a lovely changed space. When in doubt, paint, that;'s what I say. Here's to the Power of Paint.

  6. MIllie, I think it's amazing what you have done with that house. Totally transformed it. It's just beautiful!

  7. Millie, your home looks so beautiful and inviting. What a transformation! A far cry from the mission brown & exposed bricks in the before shots. Lucky that you and MOTH could look past the ugly duckling & see the swan. Lee :)

  8. Millie

    Thank you for your advice and encouragement. I'm going to do it! Will send you before and after pics (hope they are as impressive as yours). Thanks again.


  9. It is like a totally different house - you and MOTH definitely have the magic touch.
    Clare x

  10. So light and bright - you have great style - love the buttons on the back of the sofa.

  11. millie, your house is just beautiful! i love it. what a transformation the white makes. pam

  12. Love it Millie. Total transformation. What a difference white can make to 70's mission brown.
    BTW, congratulations on all the success you are having at work at go girl!
    Ness xx

  13. WOW! What a difference white makes. One day I will come across my before pics. I am so happy you shared yours. Have a great day, Heidi

  14. Wow, what a it! White is my favorite color. It's an instant pick-me-up - so refreshing and crisp. And I would like to paint the brick around our fireplace but I'm waiting to break the news to hubby. The previous owners glued paneling all over it so there's all these Jackson Polluck swirl stains! LOVE your beautiful home ; ) Trina

  15. It's amazing what a little white does. Every thing looks so light and bright and airy. It's a room I would love to hang out in.

  16. The house looks amazing Millie - I love a good morning and after photo :)

  17. Hi! I'm your newest follower, just found you through Driftwood Interiors! I love what you have done to transform your dark room to a light airy feeling room!! It makes it seem so much bigger to (at least in pictures!) Looking forward to seeing more!


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