Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Behaviour

Sunday is Meet the Parents Day. A, the sweet girlfriend of Son # 5 has asked us to lunch with her parents. As all the boys have eluded serious capture up to now, this is the first time MOTH & I have been faced with this. So I thought I'd better do some research on Meet the Parents etiquette. This is all I could find when I did a Google search & I'm very worried!

"The first time our two mothers met, they had a lot in common. They both showed up wearing similar print blouses from Target & leopard-print sandals. The sandals definitely broke the ice!"
Anonymous, Toronto, Canada

Not too sure about breaking the ice, I reckon the only thing those sandals would be breaking is my ankle!


  1. hilarious. My son is only 2 so this is a long way away. But I think it will always be a bit strange a lot of furtive checking out up and down will be going on even if it is subconscious. And what about the girlfriend. Is she good enough?

  2. I am guessing that with you and MOTH for parents, those boys must amongst Australia's Most Eligible Boys for sure Millie and you must have met some girlfriends in your time.

    I always think it must be hard though, what happens when you want to just scream "she is SO wrong for you!" and you can just see that the relationship is all wrong. When it's right, it must be wonderful though....I am glad that it's some time away yet!

    Good luck.....are you hearing wedding bells or is that still way off do you think? Does Son No.5 mean he is your youngest? Just wondered :)

    PS Still giggling at the leopardprint sandals!

  3. Oh Simone you are so sweet! Yes, you are correct, we've met a LOT of girlfriends over the years, & this is the current status.
    Son #1 - 10 mths. with girlfriend K. & happy.
    Son #2 - free since girlfriend G. returned to Holland in March. On the prowl in Melbourne according to his brothers!
    Son #3 - free since going splitsville with his girlfriend of 4 yrs Dr.H. last month. (Ed Note: Millie's devastated!)
    Son #4 - on again/off again with girlfriend of 2 yrs. the lovely L. On this week according to his brothers.
    Son # 5 - just moved in with the delightful A., his sweet girlfriend of 2 yrs.
    So there you have it - never a dull moment I say. And yes, Son #5 is the baby & almost set to beat all his brothers to it!

  4. Yeah Baby, wear the leopard print!
    I'm sure you'll knock them dead. Will the Russian Bride be joining you? x Julie

  5. I don't know why, I just wondered how MOTH will go with the meet and greet!

    I'm thinking the ol'shoes there may be a great ice-breaker .... :o

  6. No doubt she will adore you, animal print or no. This is an aspect of "boyhood" I hadn't started to fret about yet.

  7. I like her already -- asking you to meet her parents! Good manners, and she'd like your approval! much to my dismay, my teen and his girlfriend live in a secret world of texting, facebooking and doing their own thing - I'd love it if they hung out here or asked us to meet her parents!

    I can't wait to hear how this goes - and I laughed outloud at the shoes.
    xo Isa

  8. Wow, that is a lot to keep up with Millie, never a dull moment indeed!!! Loved reading the list though.....how funny if No.5 is the first one to marry :)

    Enjoy lunch with the in-laws.....have you seen "Meet the Fockers"?!

  9. I forget to tell you......I picked up Oprah's monthly magazine "O" last week (I read it occasionally for some words of wisdom!).....I like reading the "Books that made a difference to....." feature and guess who it is this month.....Jon Hamm.....self professed "science guy" no less....says he loves maths and science.....shall you tell MOTH or shall I?!


  10. Too funny! Can't wait to hear all about the meet up! Still laughing at Julie's comment.."will the Russian bride be joining you"!!!!!!
    Now, biggest question.... what will MOTH wear?!!

  11. love the synopsis in response to simone! i can't even look at a pair of heels since i wobble on anything higher than a flipflop. have fun at the lunch, millie! pam

  12. I don't think my parents ever met any of the parents of boys I have dated. hmmm...

    I have no advice to offer. Other than be yourself.

  13. Oh how funny Millie, laughing at the leopardprint sandals.
    Good luck with the meet and greet and I hope that Mademoiselle will meet with you and Moths approval and will be a great match for No 5.
    Have fun.


  14. Yes-it can be tense. Being the parents of sons-you're thinking are her parent wondering if he's 'good enough', will he provide well for our daughter, good gene pool. I cannot wait to hear how it goes Millie. You'll do great-they would be lucky to have you in the family should that come about.


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