Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dressed in Black

Apologies for the quick post today, but as you can see I'm in mourning. Mourning for the 2 years worth of Superannuation contributions that have disappeared from my Account. I received the statement yesterday & just couldn't bring myself to open it. I tossed it in my handbag & during a break between cases today, I opened it. So that's it confirmed, I'll be officially working until I'm 95. No rest at Shady Acres for me.

There is also another painful issue to deal with - MOTH. I've always liked to live on the edge with my Super, so I've had the lot in a moderately high-risk portfolio & it's paid off. MOTH had a premonition about the GFC before it actually happened & moved his Super to a Cash Fund & hasn't lost a cent. He suggested I do the same, but I just never got around to it. So tonight I'll get the big smug 'I told you so' lecture from the old boy. Pass the brandy bottle please.

Image: Flickr (Chrissy Piper)


  1. Don't dispair Millie. Mine is on the way back. Hopefully it will get better.

  2. I don't think he would dare Millie.....xv

  3. Oh what a total bugger Millie! Just dive for the brandy real quick so you can handle the smugness with a dazed, I don't care look!

    I really like your mourning picture, a bit like scarlette ... I'll never go hungrey again.

  4. Julie in Holland says ... :o(

  5. Oh Miss Millie, I so hope it will come back. MOTH, you've had your first warning from me, no smirking... after last weekend and the 'meet the parents' episode, you should be lying low mate! A-M xx

  6. OH Dear
    Love this image actually, but have I mentioned I work in Superannuation? No? good... I won't tell you then, but does MOTH want a job? haha

  7. Oh Millie - I'm sorry you're in mourning! I'm just hoping you'll still be blogging when you're 95. Have 2 brandies.

    Thanks so much for adding my blog to your blog faves. I couldn't believe it! xx

  8. Unfortunately you are not alone Miss Millie! - I spend 24/7 is SMSF in my new role. Fingers crossed it all starts heading in the upwards direction! xx

  9. yes addition to working until you are 95, you can SOAK in your beautiful new bath. no ?

    thank you for your sweet and loving comments.they mean so much to me.

  10. I will have a drink for your loss tonight. We too are going through some tuff struggles and yesterday in the car I looked at my beaten down Jason and told that "all we need is love" he nodded his head up and down. So when ever there is a hard scary time, I quote song lyrics? I guess so. Hang in there girl. Love, Heidi

  11. Alas, the same here with the disappering portfolio.
    As my Mother always said "Darling, go out on the veranda and have yourself a nice Mint Julep."

  12. My widows weeds have been donned out of respect....I send my condolences to your bank account.....and hope that the 'I told you so' isn't too smug..but you have got the rugby weekend and the 'meet the parents' weekend to bargain with !!!. XXXX

  13. Oh dear Miss Millie...
    As they say all things must go up!
    I hope that it will get better.
    Enjoy your brandy and have a lovely weekend.


  14. I feel for you also. These are such difficult times and makes you feel so queasy to be vulnerable like that. I hate to feel my Australian friends are going through the same things we are feeling here in Calfornia but I guess this recession is truly global. So hug what is dear to you and obviously you have so much going for you!

  15. ah, millie, yes, ours too is on the low side. i don't like negative numbers... especially 5 digit ones. i've come to feverishly play the lottery. i'm always soooo terribly disappointed when i don't win. steve's amazed. he asks 'did you really expect to win??'. well, yeah, i kinda did. what's wrong with having high hopes. pam

  16. Please pass the brandy my sweet!! And if MOTH is smug, you have our approval to sock him (hard) in the arm!!!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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