Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fabulous Fifties

Click on the pics to enlarge for a trip back to the 50's!

I had absolutely no issues about turning 50 three years ago - just another decade of fun & good times I figured. And for the most part it's been exactly that. I was almost 4 when 1960 arrived with all the associated razzle-dazzle, & I still remember moving into a brand new house that January with my parents. We'd been living in an old Edwardian cottage up to then, very cold, damp & tiny & complete with outside loo & laundry, not Mum's style at all. The new house had been completed a month earlier in December 1959. It was ranch-style, long & skinny, with open plan living areas & the biggest bathroom I'd ever seen. My darling Mum cried tears of joy the day we moved in.

She slowly, but systematically gave away all our old furniture & went on to furnish the new house with contemporary pieces, many of them Danish, which complimented the sparse lines of the house well. We'd come down to Adelaide twice a year & Mum would spend hours in furniture stores like Watermans @ Kilkenny, Jaffers of Port Adelaide & Zak & Rog stalking their Scandinavian catalogues. I still pass that house very occasionally when we're up in the Clare Valley & let me tell you, sadly age has not been kind to it.

But how about this beauty straight out of the early fifties & still looking sublimely gorgeous! The copper fireplace is original & those high ceilings & glass walls, oh la la! According to the blurb, most of the original features are still intact, & I reckon the architect responsible was a whizz. I do believe that between me & this stunner we're doing OK for a couple of gals in our fabulous fifties.

Images: R.T. Edgar


  1. I'm hoping that they are fabulous!
    Love this story & I would adore to spread out in a "ranch" again.
    XO Lisa

  2. I can't believe that this is a house from the '50's, which is when I was born!!! It could have been designed today....and how wonderful to have all of that light from the wall of windows.
    Loved your story and your Mum was very ahead of her time wasn't she Milie? XXXX

  3. Everything on one floor-all spread out sounds like heaven to me.
    Your Mom must have been so delighted. What a nice story Millie. I'm still thinking about your 'in-laws' lunch this weekend- but then I'm rushing things a bit aren't I?

  4. Hi Millie,

    Loved the story of your Mum, your new house back in the 50's and all the beautiful Scandinavian furniture.

    The spacious design of this house you have shown, is wonderful.


  5. You told me once that your Mom cried when you all arived in Clare. I can't stop thinking about it. Beautiful post. Heidi

  6. An example which proves good design stands the test of time. Your Mum sounds fabulous.Good Luck with the meet-the-parents.

  7. I love these photos, Ive always been drawn to this type of design, part of my brain likes this and part of it like a homey nostelgic home. I have to agree you Mum was ahead of her time,loving that Danish design. I love the soft colors that along with it. HIGH FIVE to the 50's aye Millie? Julie in Holland.. :)

  8. That glass wall is simply devine - well preserved indeed! Tracey xx

  9. Love the clean open lines. I am a great fan of scandanavian design myself!

  10. Seriously from the 50's. It looks like one that was just on Grand Designs.

    Loved your recollections of your house and your with-it mum, really cool.

  11. Contrary to popular opinion, this gorgeous house proves that there were beautiful things designed in the 50s. Leigh

  12. Fabulous! Love the soaring ceilings and glass. Ax

  13. The fifties - Pine paneling, picture windows and the white carpet that used to make my Mother a crazy woman. Brings back a memory or two. How I love having morning tea and taking a little trip to Millie's world to catch up on your beautiful and humorous mini magazine. Love that floor at The Wine Room @ No. 1 - wonder how they did that? Plan B room - yes, I could sleep quite happily there. And those bathrooms at One Pery Square - L'Occitane - lovely luxury.

  14. Fabulous is the word Millie....xv

  15. I cannot get over how gorgeous that fireplace is! I suppose that both with houses and people good bone structure lasts well into old age.

  16. I always love stopping by to see what you are up to.
    You always give me a laugh and inspiration at the same time. You (and this home!) really are 50 and fab!



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