Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Belly Button Bump

Love this pic of Heidi Klum & her son out walking. This is her 4th pregnancy & I think she's looking a little tired, but still most gorgeous. I'm sure the divine Mr. Seal is taking good care of her back at the mansion. Just seeing her Belly Button Bump brought back lots of memories. I think mine popped out at about week 8 of each of my pregnancies due to to the mini Sumo Wrestlers that I was acting as a temporary Holding Bay for! So to Clare & Tanya, both lovely long-time Hedgies who are 'patiently' awaiting the arrival of their precious new bambinos, this post is for you!


  1. I wouldn't mind looking tired if I looked like that !!!!
    I don't remember EVER looking like that when I was pregnant...although I was fine throughout my pregnancies, I did look like a beached whale at the end and I'm quite slim so I don't know what happened there...I guess it was because they were big babies.Who cares when you get such a wonderful gift at the end of it.
    Best wishes to Clare and Tanya and anyone else who is having a baby...a safe and quick delivery to you all. XXXX

  2. How funny, I saw something about Heidi Klum somewhere else today and thought to myself how gorgeous she always looks.....doesn't she look fabulous pregnant.....lovely family too.

    I never looked like that unfortunately.....and my belly button never popped either!

  3. I wished i looked that good ...

  4. I do love the way pregnant women are showing off their bellies with these close-fitting tops and sundresses. When I was expecting my son... it was loose smock-tops! Not very flattering! Cute post Millie.

  5. Thanks Millie! Glad the celebrities look tired (even with their entourage) as I am exhausted. My belly button has been out for some time but doesn't look nearly this pretty. It is what happens to my stomach after my babies are born that gives me nightmares though!
    A very impatient

  6. Yeah, I look JUST like that when I'm pregnant - the resemblance is uncanny...... Okay, did you believe me just a little bit? No? You would be right, Millie. I actually don't ever look pregnant when I am, I just look fat all over and right up to the end people say "Oh, are you pregnant? We weren't sure." Mortifying. Meredy. xo.

  7. I remember the bump. My daughter was a summer arrival, and because the bump was so accessible in light clothing, I used to find myself twiddling the button when I was relaxing. How weird is that.

  8. I never felt pretty when I was pregnant. My skin never glowed and I always looked really tired. Heidi is simply gorgeous. Lucky her!

  9. It is too cute! - at a baby shower I went to recently (don't ask me which one, there have been so many...) one of the gifts the mother to be got was a 'belly button bump cover thingy' - what will they think of next?! And besides - I liked the 'popped belly button' - surely that is all aprt of having a bub! x

  10. Hi Millie,

    I love Heidi, she is always so bright and happy.
    She looks wonderful when pregnant and seems to bounce back to her model figure so quickly.
    Lovely post and photo with her and son.

    I hope you are having a great week


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