Monday, August 10, 2009

Mending Broken Hearts

I have to say hello & goodbye today for the rest week, as I'm off to Sydney again. Our biggest Scientific College meeting of the year is being held this week at Darling Harbour & its all go. This meeting is always really enjoyable as its very interactive with concurrent Live cases happening at 3 remote sites. So the audience is able to participate via the Moderators & Panel & ask questions of the Clinicians as they perform the actual procedures. They generally 'save up' very complex cases for this meeting, so it's often edge of your seat kinda stuff. The patients are awake, so feel like big screen stars in their own right & often comment as much! The Clinicians are miked up & with no ability to delay commentary, we are often exposed to some pretty interesting & colourful language from the Labs., especially if things go pear-shaped!

The International faculty looks particularly 'juicy' this year, & the frank & candid banter between these guys is always my favourite part. I've got some Simulator Workshops to run with the Interventional Fellows & the 'Galah' Dinner to sit through on Wednesday night, so I'd better go & work out which pretty frock I need to pack. I've included some of my pics from last year's Meeting, to illustrate how the Live Case cross-overs are done. It's no mean feat co-ordinating this, the poor Techs. always look soooo stressed out!

I've told all my lovely work colleagues that unlike last week, where it seems my hotel room was party central & it was my mini-bar that was drunk dry, another room will have to be found this week. I need my sleep & a fully stocked mini-bar at all times to get through the gruelling days ahead. Have a mighty week everybody & see you at the weekend.

Image: Dee Puddy


  1. You must have one very strong stomach woman, as I'm kinda gagging just reading about "interactive with concurrent Live cases... ." :)
    Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey...... do you think MOTH could guest-blog while you are away?!!!!;) j.

  2. Joan - absolutely, categorically NO!!

  3. Have a good time Millie. And lock your door so no one can steal from you mini bar.

  4. Have a great time in Sydney again, Millie. Your poor little liver - isn't it still on crutches after your last sojourn? Hope you have a suitably en(gross)ing time at your conference. Meredith xo.

  5. Oh Millie, my big boy would love that conference. He wants to be a cardio-thoracic surgeon when he grows up and has been drawing diagrams of hearts since he was 3 years old. Had to drag him away from 'Medical Rookies' on Foxtel, last night as it was bedtime. He was fretting though, as he doesn't think he will be very good at giving needles..... cutting open a chest, yes, giving needles, no. Go figure. I said, "darling you're 11 years old, you have plenty of time to learn"! Stay away from the mini bar girl. A-M xx

  6. This sounds amazing, tho I dont think I would have the stomach for it. What interesting work you're involved in.

  7. Millie , have a productive week, Ill miss your posts. See you next weekend. Take care, Julie in Holland :)

  8. Oh laying down the law, serious week ahead!

    Check into mine for some JH!!

    Take care,

    Are you sure MOTH cannot do a guest post, just a tiny one :)

  9. Julie - thanks for your kind thoughts, I always appreciate your stopping by from Holland.

  10. Enjoy your week in Sydney Millie!
    Your posts will be missed,I so enjoy reading them daily.

  11. I just hope you don't get led astray like last week Millie!!

    On a serious note - my beautiful book arrived in the post today! Thank you so so much - it is gorgeous. I am so lucky to have won it. What an amazing garden. It would be great to visit on one of their open days.
    Have a great week.
    Amanda xx

  12. Coming to my part of the world again Millie!! Well I'm sure you will have fun if last week's pics are anything to go by. Perhaps that's why the drunken sailor analogy? Anything you need to tell us? hehe Have Fun. x Julie [in Syndey]

  13. Time to put the serious hat on for a while! what a shame, we look forward to an update on your return. Dont worry about mini-bars, BYO is always an option. Seriously though....have fun no matter what you do.....J

  14. Have a great week! Maybe just one drink - maybe two?

  15. Hi Millie,

    Enjoy your time in Sydney, it sounds like you are going to be busy.
    Glad that you are picking out a pretty frock to take, at least you will have a chance to let your hair down and relax.


  16. Millie, it sounds as though this week is pretty full-on. But if things get really hectic at least you have the emergency mini-bar to fall back on! Have a great week. Look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Lee :)

  17. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful week Millie! Ax

  18. well this all sounds quite fascinating! Enjoy your mini-bar...

  19. I would like close-ups of all operations, videos would be good and then, the same in your hotel room with a blow by blow account of each spirit/liqueur from the mini bar, that passes your lips....I think that this could win post of the year and be the best post EVER. Have an 'interesting' week and don't drin....OOoooppps work too hard. XXXX


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