Monday, August 24, 2009

A Beautiful Day

I'm thrilled to report that the Meet The Parents lunch yesterday was just lovely! It turned out to be quite a big table of sweet A's family - her parents, brother & sister-in-law, sister, little nephew & new baby niece. Despite the very windy day, we ate outside in the winter sunshine, which of course pleased puppy Tazzi no end, as there was always someone available to toss the ball for her to run & play with. She is growing so quickly & at 20 weeks is just a mini-tornado, but still soooo gorgeous. Son #5 is so good with her, but knows that her intelligence & energy need to be channelled into a structured environment. So they are starting advanced obedience & training classes next week. He was very proud when Miss Cuteness topped her class at puppy Pre-School & won everyone's hearts.

Both kids had gone to such trouble to prepare & cook a delicious lunch & my heart was full of pride as I looked at my beautiful baby boy supporting his lovely girl in everything. His 4 older brothers would do well to look to him for guidance in these matters! They are both the youngest child in their respective family's & while not as 'flamboyant' as all their older siblings, their individual strengths & quiet, caring manner compliments the other perfectly. I missed MOTH's presence, but I really enjoyed a solo Millie weekend. MY music, MY food, MY movie, done in MY time!

Image: Lolivier


  1. It sounds like a lovely day. I'm glad you enjoyed your solo Millie weekend! The photo is just beautiful. :)

  2. I just knew it would be fabulous Millie! Isn't it wonderful seeing our sons in these situations and handling it all so well? I love my alone weekends too. No plans, no meals to prepare and yes- listening to all of my favorite music, reading quietly and being still.

  3. Isn't it lovely when everybody meets up and gets on.My daughter-in-law's family are lovely and we all meet up now and again. Son no.5sounds like everyones dream son-in-law.I think that you have done a good job there, Mills, and I'm sure that No's 1, 2, 3 & 4 are just as lovely. You must have the best get togethers.
    Just had another look at little cute and I bet, changed quite a lot now.
    Glad that you weren't too lonely at the weekend. XXXX

  4. Glad that it went well. What a fantastic image- I want to eat there!

  5. Hi Millie,

    Glad that you could all have a beautiful day, together.
    Also happy to hear that Miss Cuteness topped her class at Puppy school~ well done!
    How neat that you were able to have a.... "My alone weekend" ~ we all need to do this every now and again.

    Enjoy your week

  6. Oh Millie your table is just idyllic!! 'MY' time now that sounds positively idyllic!!

  7. you lucky lady. Sounds divine. Isn't it great when everyone gets on. And I love the absent husband \ spouse time. Thats when I ALWAYS cook myself salmon for dinner and have a salad and that's it. And watch Greys Anatomy or some such.

  8. Glad a potentially difficult situation went so well. And what a gorgeous table and outdoor area you found - so very, very pretty and welcoming.
    Clare x

  9. Sounds just perfect! He certainly has good taste by the sounds, clever boy!

    Great you had a 'my time' weekend, that's nice to be able to do - just to unwind in your own way occasionally.

  10. Congratulations on clearing the hurdle in spectacular fashion on what is surely one of life's most potentially awkward social occasions. You must have been so proud to have caught a glimpse of the sort of spouse Son #5 will one day become. Glad you had some hard earned "me time". Meredy xo.

    p.s. thank you so much for your gentle encouragment and advice. I'm very touched by your thoughtfulness. (I'm currently lending George Clooney to Simone at the moment, but once he's free, I'll send him over to you in a gesture of appreciation.)

  11. I am very happy for you everything went so well.

  12. How sweet! I'm actually looking forward to this stage - a few years off yet! Glad you enjoyed time to yourself too - we all need that! Tracey xx

  13. Hope MOTH enjoyed the football 'cause it looks like he missed out on a lovely day! Leigh

  14. What a fabulous sounding day. I bet secretly MOTH wishes he were there too.

  15. Oh, I'm so happy a lovely time was had by all, even little Tazzi! Do you think there's a wedding in your future? Better put it on the agenda just in case, so MOTH won't have a boys weekend!;)

  16. HI Millie
    Sounds like it all went well. How lovely to hear how proud you are of your son. It must surely be a gift to see your sons grow into not only independant, but compassionate young men [with a sense of humour of course!] Glad you got your 'ME Time' too. x Julie

  17. I so glad it went went. All of your boys sound like great people. :)

    What did MOTH say when he returned?

  18. Glad to hear it all went well...& your Solo Weekend was a Hit.

  19. What a beautiful setting Millie ... and I'm sure a gorgeous day had by all! I'm sure MOTH is secretly wishing he was there!
    Have a great week.

  20. oh, so very, very glad your lunch turned out so well! pam


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