Friday, August 7, 2009

Breakfast at The Hedge

Apricots, Yoghurt & Honey from Epicurious

I love breakfast - it's my favourite meal of the day! Nothing fancy on week days, just fruit, yoghurt, the occasional croissant or brioche from here & good coffee. But come weekends, I like to let loose & do the full catastrophe. MOTH & I are very different in our breakfast habits, he carb loads on anything & everything. I often have to leave the kitchen as he's cooking up, as it gets too much for me so early in the morning. Very occasionally I'll treat him to his all time favourite, Scottish kippers. I absolutely abhor them & their awful odour, so he's sent outside to cook them on the side burner of the BBQ. But the noises of sheer delight emanating from him as he devours every mouthful is worth the effort - he's in food heaven. So here's some treats that really ring my bells. Hope your breakfasts this weekend are ab fab, any brekkie treats & recipes you'd like to share?

Berry Breakfast Parfait from Donna Hay

French Toast with Rhubarb from Cuisine

Bircher Muesli from Waitrose

Banana Sour Cream Pancakes from the Barefoot Contessa

Coddled Eggs from Williams-Sonoma

Croissants from Clarke

Oozy Mushroom Omelet from Delicious

Poached Egg Crostone with Wilted Spinach & Bacon from Epicurious

MOTH's beloved Kippers with Eggs Florentine from Delicious

Toast with Seville Orange Marmalade from Delicious

Eggs Benedict from Taste

And if all else fails, get stuck into the Vanilla Breakfast (put a handful of ice into a cocktail shaker & add 120ml Vanilla Vodka & 20ml Tia Maria. Split 1 vanilla pod in half lengthways, scrape out the seeds & add to the mixture. Shake or stir, then strain into a martini glass and garnish with a halved vanilla pod.) from Waitrose


  1. These all look absolutely decadent.
    I usually just have Greek yogurt and a piece of fruit. On a special weekend-maybe eggs, grilled veggies-always lots of good coffee.

  2. Mmmmmm!!! The Eggs Benedict for me any day! BUT I'm very sure I could fit in one of those delicious looking and sounding Vanilla Breakfasts! I'm drooling just at the thought of such a breakie. :))

  3. I am a hopeless breakfast eater - cereal just doesn't do it for me!! Coffee on the other hand is essential. I've got in to the terrible habit of having to visit a french bakery for a pain au raisin or some other delicious treat. On the weekend - french toast every time, with lashings of maple syrup! Roll on Saturday.

  4. Oh yum! I have to say I felt a bit weepy when I saw the bircher muesli from Waitrose. My son in London shops at that amazing supermarket. I can happily spend hours looking around there, and their magazine is a great giveaway to loyal customers.

  5. I adore breakfast. Just tea and cheerios on the weekdays for me, but big yummies on the weekend.

    I'll take one of those poached egges with spinach and bacon right now, please. Mmm.

  6. What very yummy breakfasts you have shared with us today Miss Millie.
    Breakfast is one of the nicest meals - I have porridge or bran flakes and a banana or fruit during the week but come Sunday we always have a nice cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, grilled tomato and sausage.
    With coffee.

    have a fabulous weekend

  7. wow, look at that french toast. my fave!! but i rarely have it. i could talk about breakfast allllll day long. i plan my breakfast while still in bed. usually it's eggs or oatmeal and fruit. but on the weekend, husband and i indulge in pancakes with fruit and honey. yum. my favorite memory from our honeymoon was the breakfast buffet at the kapalua maui ritz. heaven. like i said... i could talk about breakfast all day long! pam

  8. Yummy. Wish it was breakfast time now!. Love fresh fruit and yogurt. Have a great weekend Millie.

  9. More often than not, I merely have some yoghurt mixed with granola. It's my fav brekkie. I do like a fry up once in a blue moon though!

  10. Oh my Lord, chuck out the cornflakes ... here I come!

  11. Breakfast would be my favourite meal to eat out...I'm starving after looking at these delicious images! We just had three days in Melbourne and the best bit was the fabulous breakfasts! Happy weekend! Tracey xx

  12. bon petit déjeuner!
    je pense à toi qui est dans l'hiver....
    merci de ta visite.


  13. Mmm yes breakfast - my favourite also but it seems to have been a little rushed of late (if I get any at all). Definitely would have to have those pancakes from your list Millie - yum. Hope you had a good week in Sydney - at least we had good weather for you! Leanne

  14. I would like all of them! Breakfast is a special meal and I love the leisurely breakfasts that weekends offer. I think you've inspired me to dust off the old waffle iron!

  15. Oh they are all so yummy... I want the poached eggs [and /or Benedict]for sure. Looks like they are done to perfection!! I had to scroll real fast past the 'Kippers'... eewwwhh Could though be interesting to hear MOTH's oohhs and arrrhhs. Have a great weekend Millie... Loved your 'OH Dear' after post. Brings back memories.. hehe Julie

  16. Stop your making me hungry! I really need to go shopping......

  17. Hi, Millie! Gosh, I love this post. All my life, I hated breakfast and refused to eat it. But then all of a sudden one day a few years ago, I began to love it. I'm not sure to this day why or how this happened but now I love everything about it. Making a big breakfast on the weekends is one of my favorite activities. Those kippers look delicious. I guess our version of it here in the Pacific Northwest would be smoked salmon. I like it with bagels. :)

  18. I'm hopping a plane... I need to have breakfast with you... it all looks delightful!!!
    Bon week-end!

  19. What a treat.
    Perfect start of the day.
    Have a wonderful weekend Millie.


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