Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On Your Bike

or in this case......your trike! I reckon the guys @ Greer Gardens deserve a Millie Medal for Services to Landscaping. The garden of this property was designed so the Owner's kids would have tricycle access around the entire house. Remembering all our boys & their love as toddlers for scooting around the backyard on their trikes, I think this is sensational. I can almost hear the squeals of delight as these kids lap the house racing each other for hours on end!

I love these pics of our 3 younger boys, who decided one hot day that all their trikes needed a visit to the 'Trike Wash'! Yes, they are 26, 27 & 29 now, but I can still remember the very loud protests to Mum from the 2 older boys once their baby brother took command of the hose!

Images: Greer Gardens & Millie


  1. Beautiful garden and beautiful little boys doing what boys do best! Lee :)

  2. What divine photos. In the days before digital cameras, scanning, the internet, water restrictions, sunscreen, sunhats, sunTshirts, etc..... I love it.

  3. How cute. I love the crack shot. Heidi

  4. Beautiful house and garden Millie.
    The windows and shutters are neat.
    I love the photos of your darling boys. Also the builders crack!

    Have a good week

  5. Love that this house was designed for the little trikes and children. Such cute photos of your boys- sure are sweet little guys. I too love that butt shot!
    Gorgeous house...kids or no kids.

  6. what a great idea! beautiful house and garden. your boys were adorable!! i also had a giggle over the crack shot :)


  7. Hi Millie,

    "Call in" often. The pictures of your boys are adorable. Makes you wonder where the years go, they grow up so quick and are not babies for very long. If I could I would have all my kids babies again just for one day all of them at once just to savour them for just a little longer - remembering all of their baby smells (brings a tear to my eye). Glad your weekend family get-to-gether went off well.. sounds like life is good and how it should be. Have a great week.

    Take care

    Love Janine
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  8. Oh Millie I'm in love with the kid's shot, that is so adorable.

    Hey I'm totally lovin' the house too, just got sidetracked.

    ps re comment I'm sending the top pic to my hairdresser demanding the exact shade ... come on you have to do it too, you only live once.

  9. Loved the photos of your boys Millie! Boys will be boys! They grow up far too quickly don't they?

  10. Millie your landscaping it out of this world, just beautiful. Looks like a posh resort! I love all the grasses you have planted.Really looks relaxing.. thanks for sharing with us... Julie in Holland.....

  11. Millie Im going to double-post today , but I had to say this, everytime I come to your blog I think of the first blog day I came here, it was the post of moving the garden shed , did you call it "fairy home" down your lane to replace somewhere else, the second thing was the day MOTH shook the paint can and paint went everywhere.Sorry, I laughed so hard when I read that one! I know Ive been lurking awhile. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your time and posts with us.. Julie in Holland... :)

  12. Dear Julie from Holland - thank you so much for your lovely comments, you know you are always a very welcome guest. Oh yes I do remember those posts, the little Cubby House going to it's new home down on the farm. And I could never forget MOTH's terrible paint 'incident', what a night that was! I'm sorry I can't lay claim to the gorgeous garden in today's post, sadly it belongs to someone else, via the Greer Gardens website. My owngarden looks so desolate after a long, cold Winter.
    Millie ^_^

  13. Oh Millie...your boys bring back memories of my children when they were little...mine are older than yours so I have to think way back....and the builders bum photo is brilliant. I hope you show all girlfriends/potential gielfriends that one !!!!
    But that house...if only...and the garden too. I loved the fact that Julie thought it was yours and then I started to read your reply and I thought, Millie is going to let her think that it's her house, but reading on you were very good and told her. A really lovely post. XXXX

  14. What a lovely garden...and so perfect for the tricyclists! I remember those days (so long ago) when we kids loved to ride our trikes or bikes, or even our skates..the old kind with metal wheels that strapped on over your shoes...along the sidewalks around our house.

  15. Hi Millie
    Is the house in the pics from the US? It must be! When we were living in the US, we bought a house (not like the gorgeous one in your photos), but it had a gorgeous garden, with a bike track around it also.The previous owners had also measured the grassed area around the track to fit a badminton net exactly! Great garden design when you have young children!
    Great post.
    ps. your photos of the kids are priceless!

  16. What a gorgeous trio of boys! Those afternoons with hoses are some of my best memories as a child...

  17. Beautiful gardens Millie! How cute the boys are. Ax

  18. How cute are those boys! I had to tell you that your comment today made me gasp! I guess I should consider myself lucky that there are no exes in my life to interfere with my decorating plans! :) You're a good sport, Millie.

  19. It's hard to say which is lovelier - the wonderful house and garden or the divine little boys' photos! PS Tedious is certainly not the word I would use - your comments and compliments make my day. A million thank yous. Leigh

  20. Such a smart idea, since you know they will be riding all over whether there is a path or not!! That is such a beautiful house.

    I love all the photos of your boys! Especially the bootie shot!! That should be good for a little blackmail one day!

  21. i love the pic of your son with THE PLUMBER crack in his pants! HA HA.
    too cute.


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