Friday, January 29, 2010

An Elephant Ate My Computer

...if only it was that easy! Big problems yesterday with our PC. Things are grim & it's currently being assessed in the Emergency Department. I heard the Tech. mumble those spine-chilling words Hard Drive & Mother Board, so a likely admission straight to Processor ICU once a 'bed' becomes available looks inevitable. I'd set time aside over Christmas to back everything up to an External Hard Drive for inclusion in my 'Run Millie, Run' Important Documents Box in case of bushfire. So when the Tech. said yesterday, 'And I suppose you haven't backed-up', it was with a certain degree of smugness Mr. Smarty Pants received my reply. I can use my work laptop but everything is routed through our Server in Japan & it's such a painfully slow process. During the time it's taken to load an individual blog site, I've done a load of washing & prepared a 5-course meal. It's high time work bit the bullet, dipped into their Mattress Money & installed a Server in Sydney.

I'll still blog, but they'll be short & sweet posts (was that a collective sigh of relief I heard?!). But I just won't be able to get around as much I'd like, so I'll miss you all. Hope your weekend is just fantastic.

Oh & a big hello to Karen, one of The Hedge's most regular Followers, who's recovering from eye surgery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, but while you're still under Dr's. orders, make sure you milk it for everything you can!!
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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with our computers. I hate that I'm lost without one!!!
    I hope Karen is feeling better. Rest easy. I am playing Nurse Nancy to my DH- and I am so very bad at this....

  2. Do NOT talk to me about slow computers. I have been pulling my hair out over ours and my blood pressure has never been so high. I wish an elephant WOULD eat it!
    I hope things get back to normal for you soon Millie.

  3. Strange so many bloggers are having a lot of trouble with their computers. Scares me to death. Don't know what I would do.
    Hope yours is fixed in no time
    Take care and sorry to read this

  4. You're not on your own. Computers = patience. Jan + patience does not compute. All I can say is I hope the suffering is over soon. Good Luck.

  5. My computer tech (son #2) is coming home this weekend and luckily will give mine a tune up!

    Hope your problems are resolved quick as a wink!

  6. Ugh! Computer problems...something we all relate to. However, I must admit that your problem has been a good reminder for me to make a backup copy of my files.

  7. Oh what a total bugger...though I was laughing at the post...well you know you write things funnily.

    Hey I was gearing up to do a post on none other than Jon Hamm....Japan and back sound okay!xxxx

  8. Oh how much I understand what you´re going through! My laptop just crashed and being on the move from one continent to the other that feels really dramatic. Using my son´s laptop now (with a portuguese keyboard...). So happy I backed up too just before leaving Brazil...
    Hope yours will be up & running quickly... otherwise... just enjoy the pc-less days, you will be surprised how much you can actually do in one day :-)

  9. oh dear !! hope things pick up soon computer wise ... my lappie is away with the lappie doctor at present .... god bless the work lappie I say :) best le

  10. Have you thought of bringing in an elephant from the local zoo to make your point? Off to put my load of washing on and do a 40 mts run while I wait for a couple of downloads myself!!

  11. kudos to you Millie for backing up the harddrive .. well done!! You'd think I'd be that good working in IT .. but nope!!

    I was a little worried about you and the bush fires a while back so good to learn that you had the escape plan at hand!!

    Take care xx Julie

  12. Millie, I've never backed up my hard drive. Can you teach me how? That could be your next post. I'm glad you were prepared. It will make Mr. Smarty Pants' job easier. Good luck. ROSEMARY

  13. Slow internet speed is a big pain so I hear you...Have a happy computer free weekend Millie, just don't put yourself through it! xv

  14. Oh no Millie!
    You have my sympathy ~ mine gave up the ghost a while back and the quote that came back to have it repaired was $1,200, so not worth fixing.
    I am using my husbands G7 as he has a laptop.
    The sad part was I lost all my data and holiday photos from around Europe {sigh}

    Good luck with having yours up and running and I hope that you have a fabulous weekend


  15. Millie - my only computer advice is to reboot. Sadly I don't think that will help.

  16. my computer is like molassas in January.

    Been there, done that.

    Have a fun week end


  17. Having just had a month with no internet unless standing on one leg, pointing towards the ocean, 2 fingers in the air, and holding one's breath, I share your frustration Millie!

  18. If only every computer came with a good looking male technician at no charge!
    good luck!

  19. uh oh......
    not great news for all of us!!

    if and when will it get out of icu ?


  20. Millie,

    I'm going to back up laptop and desktop hard-drives as we speak! I hope your problems get resolved quickly. We'll miss you

  21. So happy you were able to put that smug tech in his place! Best wishes for a speedy PC recovery...

  22. My computer got a nasty virus this past week. I thought it was going to die - everything that usually took minutes took hours - but thankfully it has been resurrected. Huge ((sigh)) of relief.


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