Monday, January 11, 2010

It Was The Best Of Times!

How lovely it is to be back! Thank you, thank you to everyone who left beautiful Christmas & New Year wishes, we loved reading each & every one. There was a whole lot of love & plenty of joy here at The Hedge this Festive Season, although it was compressed into 3 OTT days. The interstate sons + one partner arrived just before lunch, with the local boys + one partner not far behind them. The noise levels then reached those similar to an A380 on take-off, but it was sweet music to my ears!

MOTH wore the Merry Christmas apron in a futile attempt to convince those present he actually cooked lunch.

Puppie Tazzie, experiencing her first Christmas spent the entire morning wrestling presents from everyone here .....

......and here.

The result of the pressie opening frenzy.

My beautiful girls, MOTH's famous Christmas Lilies made their spectacular appearance right on time this year.

So went straight onto the Christmas lunch table in all their prettiness.

Certain family members were absent in this pic, out having a quick gasper before tucking into the food marathon!

My 'Don't be sillie Millie, those won't ever grow' Sweet Peas continued to bloom in profusion to prove MOTH wrong in truckloads!

And looked gorgeous in the Guest Room.

This year I planted new yellow Asiatics one freezing cold Sunday arvo in the dead of Winter, & much to my absolute delight, they rewarded me right on my birthday, saving MOTH a whole lot of cash at the Florist! Here.....

......and here this morning.

I fell totally in love with Lori's Panettone French Toast with crispy bacon, lashings of mascarpone & a snow flurry of powdered sugar & enjoyed it 5 mornings in a row between Christmas & New Year! I don't think I've ever fallen off the diet wagon with such a resounding thud!

These beautiful books were kindly delivered by Santa & then his lovely birthday fairy on Saturday & are sitting on my bedside table. So for the next few weeks I'll be living temporarily in Provence with Vicki, preparing delicious picnic nosh with Sophie & absorbing the late Ted's fascinating insight into his life.

I still have a week's vacation left, so posting may be a little erratic. Posting or the beach, posting or the beach - DECISIONS, DECISIONS!


  1. It is SO GREAT to hear from you Millie!!!! Things just haven't been right without you :)

    Lovely to see that you had a wonderful Christmas, your home looks beautiful.

    Hope your foot has mended, enjoy the rest of your holiday :)

    Happy New Year! xo

  2. Oh, what beautiful flowers. The lilies were absolutely fabulous. I know how you feel about the timing of their Paper Whites were in full bloom for Christmas.

    So glad you had a wonderful Christmas season. Welcome back!

  3. Hey. Welcome back Mills. It's been pretty quiet without you.
    Hope that you have been having a great time.
    Your Christmas looks as if it was a wonderful family affair. Lovely.
    MOTH doesn't look grumpy at all. He obviously came out of his Bah Humbug phase!!
    Wishing you and your loved ones a belated Happy New Year and for many happy times in 2010.I can't remember if I have already done it so I'm doing it again !! XXXX

  4. Oh, Millie!!!!!!! SO glad you are back. I've missed you. Happy to hear that you had a safe trip and a wonderful time. :)

  5. in this heat? go the beach!!!
    Your flowers are out of this world Millie. Hope you are keeping cool, Happy New Year..... x

  6. I'm with Simone, my blog life is not the same with out you in it. I loved peeking into your life. Everyone looks so happy and this time we see pretty ladies in the pics. You home is so inviting and warm. I am so happy that your lillies and sweet peas bloomed for you for Christmas and your Birthday, you sure have a green thumb. We have been suffering from below freezing conditions for the past 4 days now. Busting pipes everywhere. We just aren't used to this kind of weather and you are suffering the opposite according to Kim. Wishing you the most fabulous New Year. Love ya, Heidi

  7. I've missed you Millie! So nice to have you back...
    Those flowers look beautiful, as does your whole house! And how funny that MOTH is wearing that apron! Ha
    I look forward enjoying your blog even more this year!

  8. Oh Millie
    I'm lad your back. I've missed your fun and mischief. glad you had a wonderful Christmas
    Kind Regards
    PS You're photo's look fabulous especially the sweetpeas

  9. Hi Miss Millie,

    Hope you are having a great start to 2010. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family Christmas. Every one looks really happy, especially MOTH and your home looks gorgeous too. Couldn't help but notice your white slip-covered couches. Do you like them?? Hopefully, when our lounge suite dies, I can have my long-awaited white slip-covered couch. Better go and do something exciting like....oh...HOUSEWORK. Have really missed you. I have a ritual, every morning I call in while having my cup of tea. Welcome back.
    Take Care

    N.W. Coast of Tassie

  10. wow

    it is great to have you back.
    i must say,
    your holiday looked like great fun coupled with great food and
    great SWEET PEAS!!!


  11. Miss Millie, your Christmas looked wonderful...with all your lovely family around. MOTH even looked like he'd ditched 'the grumps'. Your flowers ... magnificent. Enjoy your holidays! A-M xx

  12. Phew, you've returned! All is as it should be within the blogosphere again.

    Love your "Meet Millie" page and your gorgeous look incredibly glamorous and self-possessed. Care to sprinkle some of your Millie Magic this way?

    You obviously have a talent for growing gorgeous things....sons and flowers...congratulations on them all! Hope you're enjoying your new books and the beach. Meredy xo.

  13. Welcome back Millie, your Christmas sounds crazy, but delightfully wonderful!

    And those flowers are just gorgeous!
    Clever you!


  14. Good to see you back Millie! Love the photo you have added - we haven't been so game. Happy New Year! Tracey xx

  15. The beach has won with me Millie....
    Glad those darling boys of yours remembered French Essence at Christmas time - please give them a very big thank you from me, xv.

  16. Awwh Millie that does sound the best! All the fam around and MOTH in fab Christmas mood.....!

    Great to see the pic's too. Really loved your meet Millie page, great idea missy!!

    Oh I've been looking for a little table like one you have, the black one with yellow flowers on it.. where from If i may be so rude?
    xoxo DJ

  17. Pleased to hear that you had a wonderful time. Love the photos, especially the one of MOTH in his lovely and very festive apron.

    Leeann x

  18. And I sigh in remembering Christmas in t-shirts. My Cinbad would love your Tazzie... What a green thumb you are!! Welcome back. Just knowing I will be getting a good giggle again has substantially brightened my day. Enjoy the rest of the break!

  19. Looks like you had some fabulous holidays Millie! Love the flowers and everything!Q How very beautiful! Happy New Year!

  20. Hi Millie,
    it's so lovely that you had a wonderful Christmas!!!!
    You home looks so beautiful!!!!
    Have a nice week my friend


  22. My it's wonderful to see you back. So nice that you had fabulous holidays. Those lilies are spectacular Millie. Also a wish for a belated Happy Birthday too. Such a handsome family.

  23. Welcome back to bloggy land! Sounds like you had a wonderful time....loved looking at the pictures! :)

  24. Miiiiiiillie! Happy Birthday sister of the mysterious! Your Christmas looks like it was so lovely - MOTH and apron - your comment cracked me up. Your flowers look heavenly. Enjoy those books!
    xo Isa

  25. Well it looks like a fabulous time was had by all! Nice to see you back Miss M! I'm still loving the sweet pea story! Next year will you please listen to MOTH when he advises on the gardening.... NOT!!!
    Happy New Year!

  26. Looks like a beautiful and fun Christmas Millie.
    Gorgeous flowers and family and food!

  27. Oh Millie how lovely to have you back again.
    Glad that you had a lovely family Christmas. Beautiful family, flowers, and books you received.
    Your home and table looks beautiful.

    Wishing you all the very best for a wonderful year, dear friend.



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