Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Renee With Love

As much as I would want it otherwise, I don't have a creative side to my personality. I am happiest analyzing, mentally deconstructing, then reconstructing & presenting solutions. I'm a 'Thinker'. And over the Christmas vacation I was doing a lot of thinking on the beach. Thinking about this blog.

What's it all about, where is it going, where do I really want it to go, the content, the format, the look, but more than anything I was thinking about you. The loyal band of blog brothers & sisters who are The Laurel Hedge. Those of you who have been here since my first post, who still come by each day. I adore you, each & every one of you. Then those who've followed a trail here through others & have stayed as well. Lovely, lovely people that you are. And then there are those who will come by in the future & join in, an exciting thought. I have a responsibility to you all & that's what I was thinking about the most. Not that it worries me, quite the opposite. I really enjoy the ritual of thinking about & writing a daily post. It's added a balance to my left brain world that was missing.

But what I truly enjoy the most is seeing what others have to say. And that got me thinking some more. What is it that attracts me to their blog, what makes me want to become a regular reader & most importantly, what, if anything can I contribute. I guess it's only human nature to wonder if a comment I left did make a difference. Well this week I had my question answered here at Renee's post. The criteria for The Real Award is as follows:

This is an award is for those who are brave enough
to expose just enough to
reach, touch, and possibly help someone else
to see something differently.

I am giving this award to only 3 blogs.

The only requirement is authenticity.
Use these awards wisely.
And do a post on the award telling why you wish to pass it on.
Please link the award on your sidebar to this post.
*Then the meaning of this award will not get watered down or changed.*

And believe me, when I see this award on a blog,
I will STOP, READ, and LISTEN to the message,
and the messenger.
Maybe others will too.

OK this means that I have to think again & I've been doing lots of that. I want to ensure the criteria of Renee's beautiful Award is carried forth. So here are the three blogs that to me fulfil Renee's criteria perfectly. These 3 friends, through their postings and comments (like Renee said so kindly about Willow, Deb & myself) have touched me in ways they will never know. And they are authentic.

Meredith @ Count It All Joy. For ripping the sugar coating from the challenges of mothering a big brood of very active, inquisitive & loving kids. And for having the courage to share your doubts & vulnerabilities in the most exquisite of ways.

Carolyn @ Little Bear Studio. For true grace in all things. And for the positive contributions you make to others through your generous comments & considered observations.

Heidi @ Heidi Claire. For being Phyllis Diller's zany love child. And for making me run the gauntlet of every emotion in my body in 3 seconds flat with one of your brutally honest & soul-searching posts.


  1. Congratulations on your award georgous Millie,

    Being real, That's you!! I love that about you and you always make my day (and week) when I visit you. Thank you for all those funny days last year when I laughed so much, my belly ached and the tears streamed from my eyes all while I was home alone in my office or sometimes later while driving around town. I was still thinking about your posts and laughing my head off, I'm sure the locals all think I'm quite mad.

    To another fantastic year of blogging with you and everyone, I too spent many hours walking the beach over the last weeks thinking about this wonderful world and where it will take us this year and beyond.

    It is very exciting what's ahead of all of us!!

    xxx Coty

  2. Oh Pat's and Edie, so hysterical. Congrat's on the award and to the gorgeous girls awarded.

  3. OMG! You so deserve this award because you do let us in and we love every minute. I talk about you to my friends and family as if we are BFFs.(best friends forever). I get excited everytime I see a new post at the Hedge. Congratulations Millie. I can't believe you gave it to me. My heart burt when I saw my name. I feel like I just won an oscar and I didn't come prepared with a speech because I didn't think I'd win. I look forward to the Hedge and all of adventures of MOTH. Love you both, Heidi

  4. Congratulations Millie, an award so very well deserved. I love waking up each day and seeing what my Aussie pal has to say...The Laurel Hedge (and your comments on my blog) is one of my connections to home so thank you for that, xv.

  5. Millie,

    Congratulations on your award! You so deserve it. I love being a part of your Hedge. It's really a great place to be. Thanks again for always stopping by Ragland Hill Social.

  6. Congratulations Millie, you more than deserve your award.

    And congratulations to Heidi and Carolyn who are already on my list of favourite blogs.

    I am now iff to visit Meredith's blog.

    Merci beaucoup for giving us all our daily smile and bon blogging!

    Leeann x

  7. I'm so proud to be a Hedgie. I talk about you..."Well, Millie says...." in my daily life and it's that beautiful balance of authenticity and self-deprecating humour that makes your blog a daily read. Yours is also one of the few blogs that my husband reads and asks.."What's Millie up to?".

    I'm so touched that you've passed this on to me. You made me cry. I might even need a Tim Tam. Thank you lovely friend....for everything. Meredy xo.
    p.s. I've often thought you could have a second blog called "What Would Millie Do?" where you could dispense your no nonsense advice to the masses. It'd be a sensation, I'm convinced!

  8. Hi Millie,

    Congratulations on your award Millie. This looks like an award that is meaningful. You know it's funny you should write about why some blogs you just want to keep revisiting. I feel this way about your blog and was trying to analyse the other day why this is so.....and what I came up with is....I just love what you write and how you write it and you make me laugh when I call in every morning. I also love what you write about. Everything from interiors to the fashions of the 1980's, I really enjoyed that post. So I hope whatever direction you decide to take your blog in, we will be here cheering from the sidelines and enjoying your fantastic sense of homour and the amazing adventures of MOTH.
    Take care dear Millie, so glad you are part of the blogging world 'cause it would be dim without you.

    N.W. Coast Tasmania

  9. What a great post Millie, well done on your award - and great awards to Heidi and Meredy too.

    I love what you wrote, you were one of the first blogs I discovered when I started blogging and I am always happy when I see you have blogged :)

  10. millie

    you are literally 'the best'!
    thank you so much for passing it on.
    i now have a top notch source
    (from you) on new blogs for me to visit.

    xx love you
    no really. you ARE THE BEST!

  11. Yes Millie - REAL is definitely YOU. And although I don't know the other blogs yet - Meredy's is definitely all you love it for and more. Looking forward to ever more of the Millie Humour

  12. Well Congratulations on your
    well deserved award. (Renee is my
    daughter) She is always talking about you, how great you are etc,
    so enjoy your award..

  13. Congratulations on your Award, dear Millie.
    You are such a wonderful blogger and no matter what time of the day or night I come and visit, you always have something amazing to share.
    Thank you so much for passing this award on to me.
    Your friendship and support are a true gift to me.


  14. Hi Millie
    Congratulation on a well deserved Award.. I think it's a perfect fit for you!! There's no other like you, authentic is certainly your game!! I think you should share a little of this with MOTH considering he gives you such good blog fodder!!

    Well I don't know the other bloggers but have to totally agree with you about Meredith! she is the tops... one of my favourite places to go and cheer myself up a little!!

    Well done Millie xx Julie

  15. You know what...I get reeeeally nervous when you get all serious and long about "why you blog"...See now I need another tiny glass of wine...beeeecause and a handfull of others are why many of us blog. It is such a joy to know you, your wonderful MOTH and your boys.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for sticking around over at the hedge. I mean it!
    Big xoxoxo Lisa


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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