Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry I Missed You!

It's Stage 3 of the Tour Down Under today & it's the biggest day of the year for our little village. The race starts in lovely Unley (our old neighbourhood for 16 years),winds its way south along the coast, through the McLaren Vale wine area, up into the Hills via Meadows & Echunga & finishes here at the Stirling Oval. But not before Lance & the boys ride up gorgeous leafy Avenue Road, just at the end of our street twice on their final laps. All very exciting, but as I'm not a fan of the Deadlie Treadlies, elderly men in one size too small lycra shorts who should know better or crowds (an estimated additional 60,000 people all crammed into the main street today), it might be a good day to make an early exit down into the City & reappear about dinner time. For those of you interested in seeing the boys riding in the spectacular Adelaide Hills, go here for live feeds.

Image: MCCN


  1. I'm with you Millie, what's all the fuss about, only 1% of them look passable in those suits. You must lose your perspective when you start cycling and everyone else is wearing their 2nd skins. That said, I wouldn't turn Lance away if he knocked on my door to refill his drink bottle.

  2. How exciting for you! Love that Lance...ahhh we'd be such a great match :).

  3. Oh I CANNOT believe you are not going to check it out. My husband is a mad cyclist, we have been watching it on TV. All those people it is amazing. Great for SA. The thing that really creeps me out is the cycling shorts tan they all have. You would think they would sometimes wear shorter shorts to even the colour up a bit. xoxo

  4. Yes! Ditch the tighties and leave them to the young ones that could/should wear them... but alas...choose not to. If you go...have fun. If you stay home... crack open a good bottle of red.

  5. Well, the word is obviously out Millie. Your neighbourhood is THE place to be. First Justine from MasterChef and now Lance Armstrong. I guess the PR people have heard that the Blogland Pin-Up of 2009 and his uber-glamourous wife live in this region. It was only a matter of time. Meredy xo.

  6. Hi Millie,

    I am with you there Millie - do you have the ad over there where a man is walking out of the sea ... and they say swimming togs, swimming togs and when he gets closer to the shops it is underpants.
    Have a fun night whatever you do, dear friend.


  7. Sounds like an exciting time... taking the good with bad, with 60,000 visitors flooding into a small town. How fun to see the likes of bikers like Lance. Enjoy the chaos.


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