Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reality Bites

Vacation fun time is over & I'm heading back to the cut & thrust today. Budget negotiations for our new FY (April '10-March '11) begin this morning. As usual it will be interesting to see what fanciful figure is handed to me first up & then what we actually bed down on Friday. Wish me luck, I feel a bit of a stoush coming on.

Thanks to everyone who left lovely comments on the Guest Room Reno. yesterday. MOTH & I were surprised & delighted at the response. We're happy with the results, so it was a wonderful bonus to find that you guys are too. Once the Bathroom-From-Hell next door to it is complete, we're more than happy to take bookings a la Basil & Sybil. Now that would be fun!!


  1. I love the shed pictured under "garden retreat" under your favorite things. Would it be possible to email that photo to me? I have been searching high and low for the perfect garden retreat in my new landscape. That is it!

  2. Millie, I too share your pain about returning to work! (I am going to win the 30 Million on Oz lotto tonight!{one winner of course} Then I can quit and build my dream house instead)
    ;) Irene X

  3. Back to the old gindstone, eh Mill's ?
    I think that you really do enjoy your work though, don't you, even though it's pretty full on.
    I wish you luck with your budget negotiations.
    How long do you think it will be before you start to take bookings ?.... and will Manuel be there to take our suitcases to our beautifully refurbished room with completed bathroom ?
    Don't work too hard, Mill's and be careful in thise heels !! XXXX

  4. Aaah yes, back to work, I'm back next week, so am determined to make the most of my last few days. Millie your guest room is lovely, I love how the white brick gives the scheme texture, it all looks so restful, and if thats you unadorned, you look a real pearl.

  5. Hope your return to work is a pleasant one. Looking forward to seeing your bathroom when you cast your renovation magic over it like you did in your lovely guest room. I'm sure your 'Faulty Towers' will be a lovely guest spot x

  6. Back to work you go Millie.. who else will keep it real!!
    Hope it is not too arduous on the first week xx Julie

  7. Best of luck heading back to work Millie! It's cruel after a lovely holiday break!
    And how could we not love your gorgeous guest room???

  8. Ooooh can't wait to see the bathroom I will be using when I come for a holiday!

  9. Ah, that clean white in the guest room looks marvelous and so "you". Every time I visit, I want to buy gallons of white paint!


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