Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MOTH's Girl

'Millie, Millie, get down here quick, OMG, OMG I can't believe it!'

'What's happened MOTH - you sound sooooo excited. Have we won a prize in Lotto?'

'No, no it's much more than that. See, here in the local paper. OMG, OMG I can't believe it!'

'Yes, MOTH you've already said that twice. Now get a grip & tell me what's going on.'

'It's my girl Justine, she's coming to the Hills!'


'See, here Mills, she's doing a guest appearance at the Library, I have to go.'

'You mean WE have to go.'

'OK, OK whatever, just get the tickets.'

And so I did the hour's round trip up the Freeway to Mt. Barker & picked up 2 tickets to Justine's Master Class 'Discover the Secrets of Romantic Cooking' for 2 reasons. 1. Just to make an old man very happy & 2. This is worth at least 2 Blog posts! I hope that poor girl has a bodyguard with her, 'cos MOTH's determined to give her a night she'll never forget!

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  1. you are a good wife, millie. can't wait to read the posts about this event! pam

  2. Hi Millie
    Well you can't keep an old dog down.I think you better act as her bodyguard. Put you highest heels on and you know where to drive them if he steps out off line.
    Kind Regards

  3. Hope MOTH has a wonderful time, oh yea you too Millie... sounds great!
    Julie in HOlland :)

  4. I bet he offers to help slice, dice and chop. Maybe she'll autograph a wooden spoon for MOTH. A romantic dinner huh? Put him to work right after the class, I cannot wait to hear about this Millie!

  5. Not because you want to cook a romantic dinner for two then ;-) What I love is that caring attitude you have with respect to the Elderly. Tell him though that you're doing this because you think and old dog really CAN learn new tricks and that dinner should be ready by 6pm ;-)

  6. I should think that MOTH thought that all of his Christmas's had come at once. Has he been walking around with an inane grin on his face all day, Mill's ?
    I actually think that you went over and above the call of duty, getting those tickets and that MOTH is beholding to you until at least next Christmas. You are, undoubtedly ' The Good Wife'. XXXX

  7. Oh, I just KNEW it was her even from the tiny photo in my sidebar!!!

    I would say MOTH owes you bigtime are the best wife ever :) xo

    PS Please say you will write the evening up for us, that is one post I cannot WAIT to read ;)

  8. haha
    I'll be looking forward to the 'after' posts... Hope MOTH doesn't get too gushy.. Well ulterior motives aside, I wonder how many wives can say their husband wants to go to a cooking lesson... Romantic at that!!..

  9. This could be a whole new angle for reality television - MOTH in pursuit of Justine. The thought of it makes MasterChef look positively tame. Do please keep us up-to-date! Leigh

  10. She is really cute and so are you. Hope you all had a great time.

  11. Wow Millie, what an event to look forward too! I wonder if Justine will do a demo of paua fritters;o)

  12. That is so funny... MOTH will have the time of his life, learning 'romantic cooking' just for you! See if he will wear his Christmas apron... she could sign it and then he would never take it off! Have fun.

  13. I wonder if he will score? Errr, aaah, I mean in the cooking stakes of course. I think he'll be far to distracted by Justines charms to take in any knowledge of the cooking proceedures demonstrated. though. You definately deserve a romantic dinner for being such a sweetie.


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