Sunday, January 24, 2010

George & Millie's Awards

MOTH & I saw George's new movie Up in the Air yesterday & absolutely loved it!! In fact MOTH was so caught up in it, he didn't wriggle in his seat once. So in recognition of this once-in-a-lifetime event, I need to give George the No Wriggling Award for services to theatregoers everywhere. Let me know a time that's convenient & I'll organize a presentation luncheon - anyone interested? And kudos also to Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner for adapting Walter Kirn's original novel so eloquently. The script was tight, punchy, ever so thought-provoking & with just the right amount of quirkiness. A must see.

Thank you to the lovely Rita over at A Refocused Life for my Happy 101 Award. Rita's blog is so stylish & elegant & her posts are always such a treat. If you haven't been over to visit Rita, stop reading this & head over right now!

Thank you to Jeanne from Collage of Life for my Kreativ Blogger Award. Jeanne came onto the Blog scene last year & posts on her adventures relocating her family from one side of the world to the other. They make for fascinating reading.

I've always said how much these Awards mean to me, so thank you again to Rita & Jeanne for your thoughtfulness & recognition. Can I direct you to a previous post 'Thank-You's' here. The list of things that make me happy & things that you didn't know about me are there in great detail!


  1. Sounds like a great movie Millie, I will just have to wait another 6 months till it gets here!! Cute awards too, you deserve them!

  2. Oh I was just saying to Mr DJ that I wanted to see that movie, I'm going to insist now!

    Congrat's on the awards my dear,

  3. Hey Millie
    Congratulation on your awards... well deserved for your beautiful, constantly entertaining and often quirky posts, [ a girl after my own heart] ..I'm glad to hear you and MOTH enjoyed the movie... perhaps I'll have to see this one myself.. Have a great week xx Julie

  4. Congrats on your well deserved awards Millie. We haven't seen Up in the Air yet-but it's on our list. We should probably do that before it disappears..........then it would be Netflix.

  5. I LOVED that movie. Everyone was so great, but were you surprised by the end? I felt a bit blindsided by how depressing it was!

  6. Hi Millie
    It's lovely to be back .... just a lot of blogs to catch up on now!
    Congrats on your awards and I love the George Award. I have seen the shorts to the film ... dont think its been released here yet.
    Have a great week!

  7. Hi Millie, The Boy and I watched UITA last night and also really enjoyed it. I struggle to get him to watch anything that doesn't involve either an ageing British detective or a British stand up comedian, however based on MOTH's 'non-wriggling' verdict, he agreed to watch it with me. So thanks for the post! ♥

  8. Congratulations on all your Awards Millie! you so deserve them.
    Glad that you and Moth enjoyed the movie and I look forward to going to see this too.

    Happy week


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