Friday, January 15, 2010

Foot Fault

For those who may not be aware, the activities of my left leg & foot have been somewhat 'curtailed' for the past 8 weeks by this. To say it has been a frustrating experience would be a gross understatement, & to be honest, I have not handled the whole thing with much grace or good humour. However, I'm now free of all encumbrances & it's a magical feeling, except for one thing. My left foot wants nothing to do with my wardrobe of lovely high heels!

I need to go back to work next Tuesday & want to be looking my old self again. And quite frankly, I'm sure my long-suffering clients want the old sure-footed Millie back. My client visits since mid-November have involved them clearing space so I can hop in, finding me a chair to rest the clunky cast on & then wanting to discuss my injury at length with me rather than business - bless them, but I desperately want things to return to normal. The fracture has healed OK & all should be fine, so I can't understand why my foot is not happy. It just feels very fragile & tenuous when I slide it into the high heel position. Maybe it's a psychological thing, maybe not. Anyway, there will be lots of stern talking to that troublesome foot over the weekend. So come on left foot, give me a break (oops, no pun intended!) & let me live the 'high' life again!! I hope you all have a weekend that's more footloose & fancy free than I think mine will be!


  1. Poor you! Would high-heeled boots be a good way to start? You might feel a bit more supported.

  2. Baby steps, Millie. Don't rush that poor foot into those high heels until its ready. I'm so happy for you that the cast is off. xoxo Rosemary

  3. Millie, I don't think many people could do a broken foot gracefully and with good humour. Good luck with the high heeled shoes and just please don't resort to wearing crocs!!xAnita

  4. Put your best foot forward Millie and be CAREFUL.

  5. I'm so happy the cast is finally off. Maybe do flats this week and each week add a half an inch of heel until you are at your desired height. I am not an expert in this field, but I am wondering what MOTH thinks of the Man Purse? (from the last post) The one I got for Jason was Swiss Army and looked tuff. Hope you both have a great weekend. Love, Heidi

  6. Oh Millie, seems like a big anti climax for you - so excited to get back to normal, but not really there yet.... It's probably so used to being supported, that to risk it on a teeny tiny heel leaves your foot, well,.... shaking in it's boots :) It will come good soon, maybe put your runners on and take it for a few well supported walks around the hedge, and let those muscles get a work out before your hop into the heels again.

  7. millie.....
    i feel for you. i have had an injured foot before myself.
    the tiny bones on the top of my foot broke.
    it killed.

    it took me a while until i could put serious pressure on it, in a fabulous heel,on a fabulous shoe,on my EX-Fabulous foot.


  8. Millie, I hope your foot problem disappears soon, because if I had a pair of these absolute beauties, I would want to wear them every day! They are probably my fav Jimmy Choos...

    Hope everything is OK, but like Rosmary steps first, then go for it. You don't want to make things worse and find you can't wear high heels EVER again!

  9. I haven't been able to wear high heels for years. Here's hoping that everything happens for you as you wish! xxoo

  10. Hey Millie, I'm sure your physio has told you this already: while MOTH is busy getting your gnt ready and you're sitting comfy on the couch in front of the tv, grab a football and roll it around with your 'uncertain' leg. When I sprained my ankle so badly that I was on crutches for 6 weeks (love it when that happens in the middle of the forest you're running through) the physio got me to stand on a platform with a basketball underneath and retrain my ankle back to normal stability. I'm not sure I've been very clear here (only one foot at a time on the ball so you don't break another leg ;-) but you can email me if you want better detail. It really works and very quickly! Hope you heal soon and I'm with Anita - NO CROCS ;-)

  11. Maybe a kitten heal or wedge to start off with, I hate to think of you going off all dressed for business with a sexy pair of 'crocs' on your feet.LOL

  12. From one with experience...start low and slow. I took a bag of shoes with me when I went back to work. Changing shoes throughout the day seemed to help.

  13. I love the way you described yourself in your Bio! I have three sons and my Husband! And they don't get it!!! so much they don't get! Enjoyed your blog!

  14. Millie - Dave the physio, the one I'm handily married to, says "Patience Millie....and go see your physio!" Those physios, they all stick together and they are absolutely no fun at all, standing between you and your Jimmy Choos. If I suggested a lovely ballet flat would you want to slap me? Meredy xo.
    p.s. I'm sure a foot massage every evening from MOTH will certainly speed recovery.

  15. WOW. Isn't blogging great Mill's ?
    All of the advice that you've received. I'm afraid that I haven't got anymore ideas.
    Many years ago, I had a really bad attack of sciatica and that left my foot really weak. I'm afraid that time was the only cure. Let's hope that you don't get too many ivites to black tie affairs for a few weeks !!
    I'm sure that you'll be back on those heels before long. XXXX

  16. I think it's just 'scared' Miss Millie... give it time!

  17. I feel for you, Mills. I have had a broken bone in my foot more than once, the first time I can blame it on the vodka, but....the second time was all my fault. my foot will never been the same and I am doomed to a life of sensible shoes. I can get a nice shoe on for about 4 hours, then thats it.I hope yours "heels" better than mine has.
    Happy New Year, BTW!!!!
    from the beach:)

  18. Pity Lady Millie...

    You will be coming on top of the hill again when your foot get better. Am pretty sure. Your a strong woman so you won't let stop you way having those wonderful high heels of ???

    Have a blessed Sunday to both of you.


  19. Dear Millie,

    Glad that the horrid cast is off!
    It must have been unbearable in the heat.
    I say wear your flats for a little ... ( Country Road had some cute ballet shoes, that I bought a pair of the other day)
    You will be able to wear the Jimmy Choo and Louboutin's soon, I think just give it some time.

    Happy weekend, dear friend

  20. hello there - I'm just new and the shoe image on another blog pulled me in and now I find such wonderful images of your home and life - just a delight .. so a big hello from the other end of the country - best le

  21. Come on Millie, patience will pay off in the long term. There are some pretty gorgeous flats around in the meantime. Maybe you can do an hour or two at a time in heels, and slowly build up little footsies strength.


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