Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hedge Funds

Trimming both sides of 146.3 metres of Laurel Hedge = LOTS OF HARD WORK! So MOTH & I were thrilled when we discovered tucked away amongst all our other lovely Christmas pressies from the little darlings, a Gift Certificate for a full day's Free-of-Charge hedge trimming. So before Son #2 went back to Melbourne & the others were still on vacation, MOTH & I quickly redeemed our voucher & the above pic is the fabulous result.

In desperate need of a 'hedge cut'!

These couple of jokers actually belong to us - I need to remind myself that when scrubbed up they actually look OK.....


.....and here!

While his older brothers play the fool, their baby brother gets on with the job.

And finds MOTH's truck a handy ladder.

Along the 2nd street frontage the Hedge is 92 metres long & our small meadow & the Tennis Court are hidden behind it. The boys did a fab job, as the main object of the day is to be very conservative & take just the right amount of growth off, so it still looks lush & green. They certainly achieved that goal & were rewarded with the appropriate cold refreshments at the end of a long, hot day.


  1. You are so lucky to have such a handsome landscaper right in your family. And such a thoughtful gift with all of the hedgies.
    It seems so funny to see all of that gorgeous, lush green when everything here is covered in snow.

  2. Glad you are home Millie - I hope you have a wonderful break. Sand in the toes, I'm a bit jealous. I'm also glad to see those boys put to work (as the youngest of three boys, I know it's character building, no matter their age).



  3. I love it. What a great gift from your boys. So cute and your hedge is GORGEOUS. What is it? Happy New Year to you!

    Ragland Hill Social

  4. What a fantastic gift Millie, and i bet your boys were so proud to have done this for their beloved mum!

    I never realised how long the 'hedge' actually was - 92 metres on one side, my goodness...that is huge!

    Any wonder MOTH's garden is long suffering.


  5. Good lord that is a lot of work. What a thoughtful present. I hate that hedge \ tree trimming stuff it really hurts one's neck. Happy to sit and direct placement of the shears though!

  6. Good looking hedge trimmers Millie,
    nothing nicer than a perfect hedge and we know behind that hedge is our adorable blogger.

    I love the photograph of you on the right as well, your such a gorgeous girl.

    How's you foot now? and the horrid weather down there? Stay cool,

    xx Coty

  7. A bunch of hunky helpers that belong to you! How cute! And what a wonderful gift!

  8. I love the site of men working. What a lucky woman you are. Heidi

  9. HI Millie
    What wonderful boys you have and how kind of them to give you this most thoughtful gift.. I think the others are right when they say what handsome fellows they are and judging by that photo of you in the sidebar!! [Hi Mills!!] I can see where they get it from....

    Hope the fires aren't too close to your home. Saw some of this on the news last night and immediately thought of you!! Take care xx Julie

  10. that's a lot of hedge...and all so green even though you have had extreme heat.
    obviously you were out there taking the photos and being supportive,
    love to know what MOTH was doing during the work session?
    working on the bathroom?

    Jane of Janezworld.com

  11. Happy New Year Millie! What a fabulous present and what a wonderful job they did! If they're passing through the Highlands let me know - I could keep them busy for about a week. Leigh


  13. Dear Millie - welcome back! Could you ask them if they fancy a little cold spell? I'll keep them supplied with lots of hot tea & there's a toasty fire where they can warm their cold toes afterwards....I looked outside this morning and wondered when we are going to be able to even cut back all the dead stuff - there's a thick blanket of snow covering everything still, but the little heads of snowdrops are beginning to peek through....your hedges look beautifully manicured - isn't it a good feeling when the clippings are gathered and you can stand and admire? Love your photo by the way and yes, now I see what you mean! Love Susie x

  14. You were smart to redeem your voucher quickly - that laurel hedge is not for the faint hearted. I like the shot of your son's backside being caressed by the gloved ute - I had to look twice at that one.

  15. Millie, what a fabulous hedge and and what fabulous boys to give such a thoughtful gift to you and MOTH. Lee :)

  16. It looks perfect, Millie.
    How did they survive 40 degrees, what a hard job.
    We did our 15 m one and you should hear the complains.

  17. Glad to have you back Miss Millie! How I long for a lush hedge like that to circle our property...one day. At least I have to little hedge trimmers that will grow with it!!
    Ness xx

  18. What handsome boys! And such a thoughful gift!
    It is nice to see such lush green landscape. Makes me long even more for summer. We are dealing with extreme cold in most areas of the US.

  19. Hi Mills,
    A brilliant idea for a pressie.
    Our Victorian house was named The Laurels in 1895, as there are two Laurel bushes in the front garden but the poor little things pale into insignificance when I see the size of the hedge that you have to tackle. I rather liked seeing your hunky men let loose with their tools !!!! Hehe.
    My single daughter is off to Austalia in April. Perhaps your son is free !!
    Enjoy the sunshine, Mill's. You don't know how lucky you are. It's FREEZING over here. XXXX

  20. What great photos Millie - and I don't just mean the ones of those handsome boys of yours!!!

    What a great gift - that sure is some hedge.

    Hope you are easing yourself into 2010 gently :)

  21. That is some HEDGE!! And what a good present. I would rather be outside right now trimming a hedge than shoveling the snow. :)

  22. Can I rent them out for a day or two this summer?

  23. I can feel a xxxx coming on! Or is that, I feel like a Tooheys??? Well done on redeeming the voucher quick smart. And how wonderful are your boys for working in such heat! Hmm - I have time to train Pokemon for mowing our lawn at least. I reckon by the time he's 10 our christmas pressie should be just about ready ;-)

  24. That is an amazingly fabulous gift! And right-smart of you to redeem it so promptly;)!
    Cute, cute boys!

  25. So glad you're back Millie. You have been missed. What a great gift. Love those sweet peas, so jealous!

  26. Good on you fellas! Great job, I'm inspired to grow a Laurel hedge myself now...maybe.

    Your boys look like real characters and cute too.


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