Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hedge Mutterings

A few subjects of importance here at The Hedge today. First & foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY George Darhling!!!! 49 today, so I guess because that makes me 5 years older than your gorgeous self, I could technically be classed as a Cougar (that God-awful description of an Older Woman). Looking forward to catching up with you tonight, for a very special private birthday celebration.xx (Sorry Simone, you'll have to wait your turn!)

MOTH made a formal complaint to management yesterday about not being invited to the 2010 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week launch on Monday night. He'd seen on telly that a whole bunch of front row runway seats had a big sign placed over them 'RESERVED FOR TOSHIBA BLOGGERS'. 'Geez Millie, you're a star in BlogWorld, what happened to our invite??!!' I'd couldn't find it in me to even start that explanation!

I'm happily planning my big trip to Darwin next week. It's work of course, so MOTH can't come (another whinge session subject!). It's the Dry Season, but the weather is still very hotsy totsy - 75F. overnight, 93F. during the day, with 95% humidity. Gorgeous hot, tropical steamy days, with the typical late afternoon Darwin thunderstorm each day - bring it on! It's freezing here in the Hills today, the fire is blazing & I'm out the door to work in a woolly knit, coat, thick tights & boots.


  1. Oh cheers for the HOT date tonight..*wink, and so sad for MOTH no front row seat to check out the cool .. DESIGNS that is MOTH!

    Good luck in Darwin.
    xoxo DJ

  2. Until he gets rid of that beard I can't look at him. Well your photo is nice of course. But I feel he has looked a bit smug lately. Pass that on for me please and have a lovely night anyway ! xo

  3. Oh Happy Birthday George...and Millie I wouldn't care what the world called you if snagged George Clooney! Besides, would you really trade MOTH for him???


  4. Hope the special celebration is tres special. I'm sorry MOTH isn't in the front row too - I'd love to see his take on things as a guest blogger. xx

  5. Gorgeousness... have fun~ wink, wink, nod, nod..... What a delight it would be to have MOTH's commentary on the fashion show.

  6. I spent a lot of my childhood in Darwin..are the Beach Markets on yet? If they are, you must go - and the Sailing or Ski Club for a drink and the best sunset you'll ever see! Have fun! Rxx

  7. Give George a big birthday kiss from me ;)
    Darwin will be so nice and warm you lucky thing, soak it all up and send some over here please! Your degrees 'F' crack me up, I never know how to convert it... Darwin = bloody hot!
    :) Flick

  8. Hmm. Guess that makes me five years older, as well.

  9. let me just say.....
    Cougar is a degrading tag for a woman.

    however ... Gorge would be wild for you after just one conversation with you. i am sure of it.

    i promise.


  10. i am probably the only one in the universe who is not a george fan... wouldn't i kill for that body?

    you always make me happy... no matter what you post.. xxxx pam

  11. that is truly a drop-dead-gorgeous photo of George, it made my tum go all gooey! but I think you hve it worse than me! love it!!

  12. I could happily be a cougar for that man!!!!! Enjoy the heat and thank you for your lovely comment on my post xo

  13. If was anyone else apart from you Millie, I'd be on my way round, waving my fists and telling you to get your hands off ;)

    You did make me smile, lovely to see George and I mentioned in the same paragraph!!! LOL!

    And yes, the least you could have done was get MOTH a ticket to the to work on some blog-networking clearly :)

    Have a lovely week-end :) xo

  14. Hi Millie,

    Have fun on your hot birthday date tonight! ... and yes, he does make the heart flutter.
    Sorry Moth did not have front row seats to the show.
    Our weather has suddenly got cooler here too and have had to start wearing a jacket out.
    Enjoy your time away in Darwin.


  15. Enjoy the top end Millie - I've been there twice now and loved it. Very Very relaxed and what a perfect time to head up (even if it is for work) - enjoy and happy mothers day xxxx

  16. We had friends go to NT last month and they were stunned at how it was - hope you get airconditioning at night!

  17. Oh MOTH really! Bless him for his very appropriate sentiments re your wonderful blogability.


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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