Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tiny Treasure

Trying to get some semblance of order into our poor rambling, neglected, Autumn-leaf covered garden over the weekend, MOTH said somewhat ferociously 'Geez Millie, just how much land do we really need?!!' Looking at this compact rear yard, I reckon this may be one of the rare occasions where I'm in agreement with my Partner-In-Crime.

Image: Rumid



  1. Millie, I know how you feel as sometimes I long for a simpler life. But, if I got rid of all my bits and pieces both inside and outside the house, I think I would just gradually build up stocks again!

  2. Yep, living on acreage has its downside. But then, how great is it to enjoy the space and lack of neighbours when the hard work is all done? We have 2 1/2 acres of gum trees that hubby curses every time the leaves fall into our pool, but we'd never swap it, in spite of all the work! K xx

  3. Stunningly simple. However, if it is any consolation, I have only about this much back yard, and believe me, it looks absolutely NOTHING like this. If only!

  4. Millie...You'll change your mind once you get all the leaves raked up. I personally like a small house with big land. This combination is getting harder and harder to find. Keep's good exercise.
    xo, Rosemary

  5. Hi Millie,
    What would you do with all your free time if you didn't have to maintain your 'land'. Enjoy the pool, duh! :)

  6. It's good therapy. Our poor lawn got killed by the hard winter we had, so we just try to admire the weeds. The husband, not so much. Heidi

  7. This house/garden is so simple yet so beautiful. Indeed, how much acres do you really need? But isn't it just therapeutical all this yard work?
    I really think so!
    Enjoy the exercise coming weekend ;-)

  8. Yes, I know what you mean. Our house is on about 5 acres and its one big mowing job, in fact half of it is done with the tractor and slasher!

  9. Some years ago we moved to our current home with an outdoor/pool area just slightly larger. It took a while to get used to the smaller space but now we love it. It suits our increasingly slothful tendencies!

  10. I would love to find this beyond my back door!
    P.S. I am also loving your wit and humor.


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