Monday, May 10, 2010

Where's Millie?

Is she watching a spectacular Darwin sunset.....

....over an icy cold beer at her favourite table at the Darwin Sailing Club?

Is she have a slow wander around the Mindil Beachfront Market on Thursday night relishing all the sights, sounds & smells that make the Market so fantastic?

Is she walking around the gorgeous Cullen Bay Marina deciding which fab restaurant to eat in?

Is she enjoying escaping from MOTH's Leaping Lipids No-Fat Diet at the Boardwalk Cafe?

Is she catching a new release at the Deckchair Cinema one night?

Is she running at top speed to her very favourite restaurant Hanuman's to see Jimmy?

Is she ordering a double serve of his famous Chilli Mud Crab?

Is she going very casual down on Stokes Hill Wharf one night for a Thai curry & another speccie Darwin sunset?

Is she actually doing any work this week at these 2 places?


Image 1: Virtual Tourist Image 2: Sail World Image 3: Trip Advisor Image 4: Discover Australia Image 5: Boardwalk Cafe Images 6,8,9: Flickr Image 7: Your Restaurants Image 10: Roger Wendell


  1. Ah...memories...chilli crab in Darwin...surely one of life's great joys!

  2. You really know how to rub it in Millie! Glad you're having a great time, and don't worry, we won't tell MOTH a thing - he and his leaping lipids diet will be none the wiser! K xx -

  3. This sounds so delicious....
    I love when one knows how to spoil oneself om occasion!
    Does MOTH stands for Millie's Own Terrific Husband? Or so???
    Love that abreviation...

    I enjoyed how you describe Darwin, I would love to see it all one day!
    Australia is so unknown to me...
    But you bring it so much closer!


  4. Enjoy it all Mille, I'm just adding all the above to the list of things I have to see if I get to Australia one day.

  5. Ah yes..I remember cruising around that wharf when it was just a wharf in my older brother's V8 Panel
    Van, going with my friends to the markets and doing some underage drinking at that sailing club! Thanks for the memories Millie, hope you're having fun and hope you can drink, I mean really's not uncommon to drink an entire slab of beer (per person) in one sitting. I didn't do that...Rxx

  6. Fabulous Millie
    I have never been to Darwin but love all your photos taking us there with you.. Hope you have a fabulous time and don't work too hard... and happy Belated Mothers Day.. xx Julie

  7. Have fun MIllie...and have a bit of that chilli crab for me please. How I miss spicy food.....xv

  8. Oh you lucky bugger!! Have extra for me !! I'm ssoooooo dying for my holiday home with mudcrab and fish and chips and ice cold beer with calamari rings. Damn, I'm salivating. Better get off the keyboard quick before I crash the computer !! HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME

  9. All looks yummy! Hope you are doing all that you showed us! Girl's gotta play, right?

    Smiles and Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Oh have fun Miss M...who says business and pleasure don't mix. A-M xx

  11. hi millie! i can imagine the background music while enjoying this tropical place...hope you had a great mother's day! have a great week ahead...verbena cottage

  12. Oh Millie - glad you are mixing up the work and play...this makes me want to jump on a plane up there immediately...I have to Aus I never went there...oh now I see what I've been missing out on! Have fun! x

  13. Ooooh Millie, this all looks too great to have to involve work. I have to race away now and make something to eat, Both those food pics have me salivating, and I realise I'm desperatly hungry. xx

  14. Have a fantastic time dear friend.
    I will be thinking of you enjoying the chilli crab and fish and chips.


  15. Just plain ole jelousy here sitting in hot humid Texas. I will just have sit outside this evening wih my wine and imagine that I am in Darwin. Love ya, Heidi

  16. this looks alot different to the darwin i visited with my 2 girlfriends when we were 19. maybe we werent culturally savvy back then though ... hmmm, might need to go back one day and investigate. great post millie. made me giggle!

  17. Ooooh, good for you Millie, sounds fabulous to me, I am with Ange....drooling over my keyboard :)

    Take care xo

  18. Gosh, this looks like another place to put on my want to visit list. Have fun.

  19. Hi Millie
    Don't want to alarm you but I've heard there's a certain hubby up the hill who's enjoying pies and chips pizza excess beer etc etc.
    Kind Reards

  20. Ah Millie, I have been in denial about a trip up North we are taking. But, now after seeing your pictures, I WANT TO GO NOW. Thank you.

  21. Oh Millie i do miss you! It's been tooooo long since we have visited but summer is here and we are finished with school so now I can catch up with you.
    I gave a little nod to you and darling MOTH in my evening post. Wishing you a stomach of steele with all that spicy stuff! Good God girl.

  22. What wonderful photos - makes me want to go to Darwin, right now!

  23. Darwin looks fabulous, Millie!
    Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo

  24. Oh I'll join you, totally love all these photo's and food! My in-laws love Darwin, they were up for months on end doing volunteer work there and further inland. The say they could happily live there.

  25. Millie,
    It all looks like such a wonderful place to visit...or live. Love the images you've shared. Enjoy your time. Rita


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