Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Honey, I'm Home!

It's a pretty well-known fact that I love the period homes down the Freeway in Adelaide. Such a mix of different architectural styles, with some interesting ultra-modern twists. Here's some current sale offerings. A lovely Edwardian cottage in Rose Park.

This 1930's Art Deco apartment in a small group of 4 in North Adelaide has been given the big Zhush.

A sweet Edwardian villa in Malvern.

This late Victorian (1900) double fronted cottage in Goodwood has great street appeal.

A much grander return verandah Villa in Unley Park.

Images: 1-3 Bruse 4-6 Klemich 7-9 L.J. Hooker 10-15 Toop



  1. Oh just love all of these, but really like the first with the gravel to the front and the understated landscaping...so sweet.

  2. Aren't they lovely! I could quite happily live in any of them, but if someone said choose and I'll give you one I'd take the last one thanks! xx

  3. I'm with you Millie. I wish they would build more houses like these nowadays, so much character and thought and detail. My favourite is the Victorian 1900 Goodwood home. Yep, I can see me and family moving right in!! Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Take care
    N.W.Coast Tassie

  4. i'll take the 1900 victorian with picket fence... love it. pam

  5. Oh Mill's,
    Such beautiful homes...but, for me, it's the return verandah villa.
    The stained glass, that beautiful grand hallway and the outside is so pretty. ...... they all have an Australian charm about them. How much would that go for ? When our daughter was in Sydney last month, she said that house prices had gone up a lot since she was last there, 8 years ago. I just wondered what the price of property was compared to the U.K.
    All gorgeous properties with much character.
    Enjoy the new week, Mill's. We have had temperatures in the 80'sF over the last few days but, I think that it's going to go pear-shaped again tomorrow. Typical U.K. weather !! XXXX

  6. Makes me want to start packing the removalist van, Millie. They are all beautiful and have such character. I could take up residence in any one of them, if you could just turn up the heat a bit in winter.

    Jennifer XX

  7. such lovely properties...just dreamin' right now...have a great week! verbena cottage

  8. Ummmm...Can I move over there without a lot of difficulty?

    Sooo gorgeous!

    Love the bathroom that opens out onto the deck.


  9. I love that they all, with the exception of the last one, are well sized little cottages. Perfectly proportionate to their beautiful yards. My dream is to one day own a lovely little home in perfect condition. So unlike the mcmansions we all have around here.

  10. Hi Millie,

    You have shared some wonderful homes, with so much character.
    Thanks for sharing. That would have been a big job getting your blog roll reinstated.

    I hope that you are having a lovely week.

  11. oh that sandstone I love that about Adelaide. And that your property prices are relatively normal.

    Love the Blog do-over too, it looks fantastic


  12. Oh, they are all beautiful Millie! I could not pick a favourite! Some people are just so blessed to have homes such as these! xxoo

  13. Oh my, is that a bathtub open to the back garden?! I am fully in love.

  14. The big Zhush!? I think I love you! New here, and in awe of these property listings...nothing like this in the states that I know of...will be back for sure!

  15. I love period houses with lots of character. My favorite here is the villa in Unley Park. And great big porches are the best.

  16. I really must come for a little Aussie visit. The homes you shared in this post are so charming!
    Get your guest room ready ;)


  17. these are fabulous homes and cottages.


    i am absent for a week...
    and you go and have a make over.

    the 'laurel hedge' is very fancy now!
    me likie!!


  18. I might have to take the Grand Villa at the ned, purely so that my kids could slide up and down that amazing polished hallway! All so gorgeous in different ways.
    Clare x


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