Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Work

A cold, wet, wintry weekend has seen some more progress in the Bathroom-From-Hell. MOTH stripped all the lovely 2-pac panels & drawers from the cantilevered vanity bar & Dyna-bolted the carcass onto the wall. As it weighs a ton complete with its Caesar-stone top, he also built a concealed plasterboard plinth behind the frame from the wall to give it additional support. The wooden frame underneath is just temporary.

Saturday the double shower alcove looked like this.

Sunday it looked like this. Yes, you do see tiles, it's not a figment of your imagination! He started tiling around the little niche but as the tiles are very large at 600mm., after using a truck-load of tile cement, he then used strong masking tape from the window sill during the curing process! Not sure a professional Tiler would approve, but hey, this is MOTH we're talking about!

We had the pleasure of Son #3's presence for a couple of hours yesterday. He flew in & out from Melbourne very quickly for a school friend's wedding. Son #4 kindly acted as his chauffeur. Here he is giving the thumbs up in a sign of thanks & brotherly love!

And finally, thank you for all the fab comments about The Hedge's make-over. As you can see I managed to sneak in an hour reinstalling my Blog Roll, but still haven't finished. I found it to be a happy experience though, typing in your individual addresses made me think of each of you & how much your Blog friendship means to me. However please leave me a reminder in Comments if you can't see yourself there, my mind has turned to mush & I'd love a gentle reminder from you!



  1. You've had a full weekend over there at the Hedge. Your powder-room is coming nicely-won't you have fun putting the finishing touches on it? And those boys... so handsome.

  2. Hi Millie,

    The progressive pictures of your bathroom renovation are looking great. Double shower WOW you won't know yourself when it is all done! I happen to notice the background of your boys photo that it is all looking very nice (I am an interior junky after all!!)and it's my job to notice these things (hahaha). Anyway, hope you are having a great start to your day. It's freezing here today and overcast! Keep warm.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tasmania

  3. can't wait to see the finished bathroom - I will show my husband to try & inspire him.....
    Katie x

  4. I would be one of those people who held things on with masking tape while the rest dried too Millie... do tell me it's only temporary, while the cement dries though ;-) What will the new name for the BFH be once MOTH has finished it???

    Hahaha - the anti spam word for this comment was Boozopp - sounds phonetically close enough to Booze-up to me for it to be a good excuse...

  5. You people amaze me! I don't know how you do it Millie. I couldn't get Michael to pick up a tool if my life depended on it. What I would give? Hmmm...thinking!

  6. The blog is looking great Millie, I really like it. The BFH is coming along nicely...can't wait for MOTH's post when he finishes it..Rxx

  7. hi millie, this is a great
    'new look' of your blog- also looking forward to your new bathroom. your kids look adorable- you must miss them if they are not have a great week ahead! verbena cottage

  8. Can't wait to see the finished bath. It will be lovely I am sure! What handsome lads you have. No surprise there as they have a gorgeous mom! xxoo

  9. Wow it's all go at The Hedge....keep up the good work...:)

    Those two have very cheeky grins!
    xoxo DJ

  10. Haha, the tape reminded me of when I tiled my splashback with mosaic sheets and the only tape within reach was grey duct tape. I nearly pulled all the tiles off again trying to remove the tape!
    I love a wall-mounted vanity. So far, so good :o)

  11. Lovely to see your big boys, sitting on the lovely white couch. Shy little grins, I bet they are secretly loving you blogging about them.

  12. Great makeover Millie! Bathroom-from-hell - I can totally relate to this... Good luck! Keep your spirits up!

    xx Caroline

  13. I commend Moth's solution to the heavy tiles! With tiles going up, the end is near and the use of masking tape will soon be a memory; I can just imagine your excitement at seeing progress, regardless of the speed of execution.

    BTW, your new blog look is lovely!


  14. Boy, that son of yours on the left hand side sure is a handsome lad ;-)


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