Friday, May 28, 2010

La Mirande

I do love a Residential Cooking School & La Mirande Hotel in Avignon, Provence has a wonderful curriculum! I think a group booking for interested Hedgies would be very much in order.

Originally a 12th century palace for the Cardinal of Pellegrue, the current owners the Stein family will welcome us to their beautiful boutique hotel.

A sympathetic blending of 18th & 19th century styles, let's explore a little before heading off for our first class.

The entrance foyer welcomes us into the warmth & congeniality of the Hotel.

A discrete welcome & the warmth & attentiveness of the staff indicate that this is going to be a marvellous weekend.

A little peak into one of the Salon's reveal the perfect place to take tea.

Or a welcoming glass of champagne while we plan the next few day's activities.

Then off to the kitchens to meet our Instructors & begin our classes.

The classes take place in the ancient 18th century kitchens & are usually bilingual. Aprons, utensils & technical instructions are provided at the start of the classes, which close with a tasting meal.

We can also choose to do a class & then visit the Les Halles de Avignon market to shop with our Instructor. Or a pastry class to learn the secrets behind delicious brioche & croissants.

A Table Presentation class is also on offer featuring seasonal flower arranging & tips on presenting food & wine in the most stylish & elegant manner.

Here's the convivial Chef's table ready to sit around & enjoy the results of our day in the kitchen.

Then time for a little after dinner cocktail.

Perhaps taken in the Red Salon.

Or outside in the warm night air on the Terrace.

With the warm glow of hanging lanterns creating a gentle ambiance to debrief after our busy day.

Then up the stairs to our bedrooms.

With gentle wall lighting leading our way.

Step inside to a beautiful wood-panelled room.

Perhaps yours has an ancient tapestry, an exuberant chintz or toile de jouy.

With silk panels & matching curtains falling to the floor.

Comfortable soft furnishings & relaxing bathrooms.

Wonderfully comfortable beds complete with fine, crisp linens make lounging around a must.

All the fine details in the chambres reflect the care & hospitality offered throughout La Mirande.

A glimpse of the ancient Pope's palace is seen through the antique glass bathroom windows.

Stunning wallpaper reproduced from ancient woodcuts in the bedroom & creamy carrara marble in the bathroom.

The finest of passementerie are used as finishes on cushions & sofas. Sleep tight!

Breakfast in the morning is taken in a light-filled sunny Salon overlooking the lush, rose-filled garden.

So another fabulous day awaits us at La Mirande. Today Chef Jon Chiri takes us on a culinary adventure of Fresh Morels in Puff Pastry, Parmesan Cream & Arugula Greens. Followed by Roasted Wild Sea Bream & Roman Style Artichokes served with a Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette. Sauteed Cherries over an Almond Crumble & a Fromage Blanc Mousse complete the meal. Will I see you there?
Images: La Mirande



  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this freakin' place! :) Hee. Hope it was OK to say that. I love love LOVE the big doors and windows. I could there the rest of my life and be happy until the day I die! :D


  2. That makes watching MasterChef on a week night pale into insignificance!

  3. OH MY LORD....I'm in love. This is magnificent Millie, I would so love to be there and yes do a little cooking if I can fit it in ;) count me in...just need to sell a kidney do we?

  4. Oh Millie, we have stayed at La Mirande several times and even did the cooking school once. It is my favorite hotel in the whole world!! The rest of the family takes off for area activities but I stay behind and sit in the different lounges and salons and read books and pretend I live there! The hotel sells a beautiful coffee table book so that memories of all the rooms can be constantly refreshed. Thank you so much for the beautiful tour!

  5. Oh that I could. Looks a dream come true. How I would love to be able to take a cookery course in a place like that. How very wonderful! xxoo

  6. Millie, if you go to La Mirande you better call in! I adore this hotel and photographed it with Carla for my new book, 'French Essence' is even more lovely in real life. xv

  7. You certainly will see me there, Mill's. Get the booking form immediately and I will send you the money, poste haste !! It looks incredible. Such luxurious surroundings and, I don't even think that it would feel as if you were cooking in that kitchen.
    I think that you have got your block booking already Mill's.

  8. Ohhhh I am so there!! It is absolutely stunning!
    We stayed(as had Napoleon:) at Hotel D'Europe while antiquing Avignon. It too, was absolutely gorgeous... I'm thinking all of France is!
    See you there my friend!

    p.s. preparing my guest room for you!!!

  9. Oh, oh, oh - I am swooning!!! When shall we meet? I am thinking of a perfect early summer week when the scents of bloomy things fill the air...

  10. Count me in. Well, in about five years when hopefully "the economy" stops being so unkind to all of us. Thanks for sharing a little slice of heaven today, Millie. Happy Weekend.

  11. Ive packed!!! waiting for you

  12. OverthehillbutgreatviewMay 29, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    Count me in!! Now just got to find that tin Uncle Will buried in the garden, for emergencies.
    Love the new look Hedge very slick. xD

  13. You sure Moth's using the same credit card?

    Thanks for the bit about Moth on my blog. That was the most encouraging news of the day.

  14. Well now you spoiled our local cooking class for $40 a pop. Here I thought it was such a classy thing to do. Downtown Waterloo, put on by a kitchen shop with a chief from Turkey is about as hip as my budget allows. I will have to RSVP my regrets.

    I really must start buying lottery tickets!!!

  15. Fabulous post Millie on one of my favourite places to stay...

    Leeann x

  16. This sounds like Heaven on Earth! Who would ever want to leave?

  17. Can I please come too!!!???This place is dreamy!

    Best wishes,

  18. lovely pictures its cool and very interesting

  19. Oh gosh, do these places really exist? What a wonderful time we'd have..Rachaelxx

  20. Wow that hotel looks totally amazing. Did you actually go there? Can the average french fanatic afford to stay there? Id love to go.


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