Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Are Polaroids still around? I remember having one in the '80's & loved the instantaneous result. It certainly beat having to put a roll of film in at the local Pharmacy & then waiting a week for them to come back from some faraway central processing place. Picking up that little envelope of treasures always got my heart racing, it was a little like opening the pressies on Christmas Day.

In saying that though, I think the digital age has been one of the bestest things ever! As long as I remain disciplined enough to chuck my pics on a back-up USB in case of hard drive melt-down.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last 2 posts. What a fabulous group of wise women you all are.


  1. Love the image! My 10 year old things polaroids are "cool". She does not think that her mother is, though. Yes, polaroids are making a comeback. I was at a market here recently and one of the stands was instantaneous polaroids of you in funny costumes. Cool!

  2. I do believe polaroids are still around. In fact, I remember reading about a blogger in the blogging magazine a few issues back that uses and old polaroid camera and her photos are fabulous! :)

  3. Hi Millie,

    I had to google to see if the Polaroid was still around, because I thought I remember hearing or reading that they were no longer going to be made.
    Well.... there is the Polaroid 300 which is available now!
    They were fun cameras and yes, oh I remember the excitement of going to pick up my photos from the pharmacy, and it was like getting a Christmas gift.

    Have a wonderful week

  4. Hi there Mill's,
    I used to think that Poloroids were wonderful. I thought that it was magic to get the picture instantly, especially, like you say, we used to have to send our film off and wait ages for the photos to arrive....and , when mine did, they were usually awful !! Our daughter has a wonderful Pentax camera but, she also has a Poloroid and, recently they have stopped making the old style one and have bought a new one out and, the films are different so, she had to buy loads of the old ones from ebay !! XXXX

  5. Oh Millie,
    Thanks for the brilliant comment. I think that YOU were the good twin and they sent you to Aus. to have a wonderful life in the sun !! .... and, you would have never found the wonderful MOTH if you had stayed here !! XXXX

  6. Top still puts his roll of film in at the pharmacy (but it does only take a few hours now!) and the photos from his 60 year old Braun camera with it's 2.8 steinheil-cassar lens are the most amazing images I have seen. It still works like a dream but he has to guess speed and distance and carries his own light meter. You just couldn't wait for all that info could you? Hahaha

  7. I love polaroids and would be thrilled to get my hands on a camera that produced them. They're probably defined as vintage these days, lol!

    Lovely blog! x


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