Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2.5 Very Scary Words

Asbestos lean-to! Many of us have squared up to them during our renovation experiences & even MOTH puts his hands up in defeat & calls in the experts when demolishing one of these nightmares. Sam Crawford Architects got hold of this little beauty in Sydney for their clients & did a fab reno. The original house, a modest inter-war bungalow typical of the Waverley area was worth retaining. They removed the asbestos rear lean-to and created a new kitchen and living area which opens onto a covered outdoor entertaining space and added a plunge pool in the back yard for good measure. They retained the simple original facade of the house but it's now viewed through a translucent screen.....clever stuff!

It's no McMansion but I really like the vibe it puts out. A real little pocket rocket.

Images: Sam Crawford



  1. Hi Millie
    Fixed my problem commenting thanks to a dream house for Trish.
    There's really so much knowledge out there in blog land.
    Clever those architects
    Kind Regards

  2. Amazing transformation. Very attractive, modern but comfortable and welcoming house.

  3. great use of space! I really like the house, though I can't imagine living that close to someone else;)


  4. Oh it's perfection Millie. I'm into pocket rockets big time. Love it. A-M xx

  5. Great transformation and especially love the way it opens up to the pool and outdoor area.


  6. I do love reading your lingo Millie....a 'pocket rocket' that a new Aussie expression?? And a very gorgeous house by the way....xv

  7. millie,
    now I will be smiling all day saying "pocket rocket"
    and thinking of that sweet spot.
    what is that cat doing in that picture?

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