Friday, October 21, 2011

Love From Lulu

Woof, Woof, thank you to everyone who left lovely comments about me not being too good. Millie & MOTH sprung me from Puppy ICU last night & brought me home, & boy it's good to be back. I've been doing a lot of sleeping since then, but I'm sure I'll be back to my regular puppy self in the next few days. Dr. Sophie said that I was a cat's whisker away from having to go to surgery, so I'm glad that she could do other things to make me better. I've attached a picture of the culprit that caused all the trouble. Ever since I was a little puppy, MOTH's always shared a cooked corn cob with me, it's yummy & I love it. Well I'm not allowed to have one ever again, as in my excitement to woof the kernels down on Monday, I must have bitten off more than I could chew & swallowed most of the hard cob as well.

Millie says that at $692.00 it will be the most expensive vegetable she's ever bought. But that's the breaks when raising a sweet little puppy like me. It's the weekend, so go enjoy. Love from puppy Lulu. xx



  1. Eek so sorry to hear about your drama's Lulu. Yes that is a rather expensive corn cob...but at least you are on the mend!
    xxxooo DJ

  2. Yay! glad everything is okay. And in MOTHs defense, lots of people give puppies corn cobs so he may not have known it was a nasty thing and he can be forgiven.

  3. Glad to hear you're OK Lulu...I must remember what you've been through and NOT let my pooch get her paws on the cobs I give our chooks.
    Glad you're all better

  4. Phew! Triple tail wag from one fluffy Lulu to another. Ps it rained here last night and I have conned her into letting me doze inside this morning. Nice work eh!

  5. Awwww. The cutest post ever. So glad to hear Lulu is ok :)


  6. That's what happens when you have dumb humans for owners Lulu...glad you are feeling better!

  7. Clapping and cheering!

    Happy weekend to all at the Laurel Hedge.

  8. Well, that tastes better than a flip flop! lol... So glad Lulu is home!

  9. So pleased Lulu is back home and on the mend. It's a real worry when our pooches are sick because they are part of the family and much loved.
    Annie xx

  10. I'm so pleased to have you back Lulu. I just couldn't bear it when Millie told us you were feeling poorly. My Pablo had a trip to the vet too because he had a yucky tooth. Fortunately the vet could just give it a scale and clean and it only cost half as much as your visit. But you're worth every cent.

    Love and licks

    Jennifer, Pablo and Coco xxx

  11. Oh Lulu,
    How good to hear that the lovely vet made you better.........even though it was at a price !! Still, you have such good owners that they would do anything for you.
    Now more corn from MOTH, otherwise they will be bankrupt before you know it!!
    Happy corn-free weekend to you,
    Love from blogger Jackie. XXXX

  12. SO glad to hear little Lulu is better and back home!

  13. Oh goodness Lulu, so glad to hear you are on the mend. Getting lots of sleep and many, many belly rubs from you know who will help you heal quickly. Nancy W

  14. Oh my goodness, quite an ordeal Lulu, glad all is well now, yikes!!! X

  15. a corn cob??? ohmy.
    Ella and I are both soooo happy that Miss Lulu is all better now!
    hugs and puppy smooches!

  16. ouch! that's gotta hurt (the corn cob, and the bill!).My Fitzy has a taste for toads. Of the Cane Variety. That doesn't make for cheap vet bills either! So my commiserations!

  17. Oh the little darling. What a drama. Glad everything is back to normal. A-M xx

  18. So happy to hear you are safely back home sweet Lulu and who would of thought a corn cob would be the culprit. Take care


  19. Millie...I'm so glad Lulu didn't need surgery and is on the mend after swallowing the hard corn cob. Sorry about your vet bill too but it's worth whatever we have to pay them when they save our animals. Webster sends get well wishes too.
    xo, Rosemary


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