Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting My Drift

MOTH 's crook back is giving him less grief at the moment, so yesterday he spent all day in the garden. He continued on with the huge task of laying all the big stepping stones into the terrace he's made as a path down onto the small meadow. I was very excited as I peeped out the window at one stage & saw him mixing up concrete to set the stones. Believe me that is progress!

We've been talking a lot about what we are going to do next in that space. It's lovely & sheltered as it's surrounded by the laurel hedge & has a number of wonderful old shady trees, so I have gardens on my mind big time. I don't want any structured plantings, just drifts of flowers with a gravel path meandering through. In my research yesterday, I stumbled across the work of UK-based Kiwi ex-pat Anthony Paull. This garden he completed in Provence won him 1st prize for the 'best private garden' in the 2009 Torsanlorenzo International design competition. I can understand why. I love your drifts Anthony babe.

MOTH wandered out early this morning to check on his work & came back inside to report that there will be a couple of koalas in the neighbourhood not too happy this morning. The wet concrete was covered in koala foot prints. Yes, it's that time of the year dear Hedgies, so stay turned for this year's amorous koala report. I reckon the boy koalas are loading new Barry White songs into the koala stereo as quick as their little concrete-covered paws will let them!


  1. All that's missing from that house in Provence is a pair of koala paw prints in the concrete! Oh the poor French. First the Rugby, now their gardens. Maybe the Rugby was the final straw in a Kiwi take over ;-)

  2. Wooohooo! I'm the first commenter for once in my life too. See me buff my nails on my little wooly jumper dear Millie ;-) It also means I'd better get to bed quick!

  3. Too funny Millie...I actually heard a Barry White song on the radio this morning....I bet it was timed just perfectly! Tell MOTH I sympathise, I am getting over a knee injury and am feeling like new after a cortisone shot. Feel like the energiser bunny these days... :)

    The lavender sweep here in that photo is AMAZING....can you imagine walking alongside? WOW!

    Thanks for your very kind comment Millie, much appreciated, especially as I know you have been with me from the very beginning!

    Looking forward to the Koala report...

    Jeanne xx

  4. What beautiful drifts Mill's.....I love planting like that. I am so envious that you can talk about a on the outskirts of London, I am very lucky to have the size of garden that we've got but a meadow is out of the question. We are such a little country !!
    Glad to hear that MOTH's back is a little better. I did a bit of gardening at the weekend and my legs are killing me !
    .....and, I'm just hoping that those Koala's didn't drag anything else in the concrete.....that could put pay to any racy evenings for a while !! XXXX

  5. Some wonderful garden images here, the lavender/blue of that lavender is enviable; you have to have just the right soil for that color to come out!

  6. Hi Millie,

    Glad to hear that Moths back is giving him less grief and he is able to feel like doing work outdoors. Isn't it funny how animals are attracted to wet concrete - Love all the inspiration from Provence, the lavender and landscaping is beautiful.
    Look forward to hearing the latest koala report, I really hope they don't disturb your sleep.

    Happy Thursday


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