Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Second Chance

I posted about James Doyle back in 2008 here, suggesting that he might find the gardens at The Hedge a worthy project to undertake on a pro-bono basis. Strangely I received no reply from him.

Anyhoo, being the forgiving, hold-no-grudges type of gal that I am, I'm still willing to give JD a bit of free publicity again.

Pretty good huh.

MOTH knows about my penchant for herringbone pattern bricks. I forced asked him to repave the driveway like this 4 years ago. He said it was the most horrendous satisfying paving project he'd ever done.

I'll let you all know if I receive a reply this time. If I get my wish & The Hedge receives a garden makeover courtesy of Mr. Doyle, I reckon it would make the cover of Veranda in a heartbeat. And then I'd really have something to post about!!!


  1. Gorgeous Millie, definitely my type of garden. Surely he won't be able to resist you? I was in the air when I heard the Cats had won, fantastic! There's nothing like Collingwood being beaten in a Grand Final, hee hee! Rachaelx

  2. Ha ha...good luck Millie! I love the garden pictured, I wish!

  3. These pictures are fantastic Millie, I so need that seating, love it. Maybe you could put up a 'donate' button at the Hedge, then we could all chip in to pay for the services of Mr D. I'm sure everyone would be happy to add their spare dollars, after all, we'd be the ones to profit from the beautiful before and after posts! Even Moth couldn't argue with that!
    xxx Sharon

  4. You are all heart Millie. I am sure Mr Doyle will be chuffed to find himself featured again.

  5. my favorite landscape architect. i once had the opportunity to tour many of his gardens and he is brilliant!
    thanks for a good morning read millie

  6. Hoping you get that call, because these gardens are amazing. I love the formal feel with beautiful flowers, and the patio...fabulous!!

  7. I love that door at the end of the path in the first picture! If you post his email address we can all urge him to help you out......

  8. Seriously glorious Millie. Straight to pinterest I say! A-M xx

  9. ohhhhhhhhh.... I love, love his work (though was unfamiliar with him until now, so thank you;)
    Wow, a herringbone driveway?! I would love to see that too! That MOTH, such a talent!!
    And, I contend that husbands wouldn't know half of their skill set if they didn't have us fabulous wives who tell of projects we want done and we just KNOW they can do it!!:)

    happy weekend to you and MOTH!


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