Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arborus Innominatus

....or in my lingo the 'No Idea Tree'! Now that our camelias & rhodies are on their last legs, there's not much in the garden to grab to chuck inside for some colour. So a few branchs of spring blossom from one of the trees down on our small meadow had to suffice. Every year when this tree emerges from the depths of a miserable, cold Adelaide Hills winter to put on a truly glorious show, I ask MOTH what kind of tree it is. And each year I get the same response from Mr. Know It All, ' It's an Arborus Innominatus Mills'. So today when I brought this arm full inside, I did my best Pauline imitation & asked MOTH to please explain. 'Well Millie if you must know it translates to the 'No Bloody Idea' tree. Yep, ask a silly question & all that.



  1. Hi Millie, your blooms look absolutely beautiful. And, I do know what your 'no idea tree''s a dogwood. But MOTH's name sound so much more delightful. Lee :)

  2. Ah, he speaks Latin! What a MOTH Mirabilus! He surely deserves his exceptional wife.

  3. Looks like pink dogwood. So beautiful!

  4. Oh Mills, I laughed so hard that I snorted, and my husband is now laughing at me.
    I love the no bloody idea tree, I want one :)
    xo isa

  5. Well whatever it's called it looks superb Millie.
    Hubs and I have similar conversations about stuff and there is often some eye rolling involved on his part.
    Thanks for my Sunday morning giggle.
    Annie xx

  6. Hi Millie-

    I agree with Lee - your little blooming tree is indeed a pink dogwood. Pink's are the most temperamental, but it looks like this one is thriving! I grew up in Louisiana where dogwoods are very prevalent - the pink dogwoods are one of my favorite trees.

    Love your blog - it always gives me a chuckle.


  7. It looks like my pink dogwood! How lovely! Your arrangement is perfect!

  8. But they're so pretty for a mystery tree! Beautiful blooms :)

  9. gorgeous blossom and stunning pic! Can't wait to get home and see some blooming adelaide blossom as well (i'm back this time next week for 3 weeks, yay!) x

  10. Sort of sounds like a nasty disease Mills. But it's oh so pretty. A-M xx

  11. Gorgeousa spectacularis is its alternative Latin monicker, but I'm sure MOTH already knew that.


  12. Oh Sweet Millie
    How I would trade you a fall folliage for a pretty pink spring blossom anytime...sigh.
    Spring is my absolute favourite time of year!
    I hate what comes here after Fall....and it is suppose to be the worst winter ever...good grief!


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