Monday, October 24, 2011

Pink Heart

Today is National Breast Cancer Awareness Day. For those new to The Hedge, I posted the story of my own darling Mum's journey with the disease here. That post received the second highest amount of comments ever, pipped only by the Our New Bathroom post, when the Bathroom-From-Hell became the Bathroom-From-Heaven. I reckon Mum would have had a good laugh about coming Runner-Up to a bathroom!

While I support the work researchers globally are doing in finding a medical breakthrough, my heart & dollars lie in assisting those women who have been diagnosed & are trying to find their way through the myriad of treatment options & support services. The McGrath Foundation continues to do superb work in fundraising for the money to place specialized breast care nurses in communities across Australia. The Foundation now has 64 nurses who have helped support over 10,000 Aussie families.

Breast care nurses are specially trained registered nurses who act as patient advocates, coordinating care for women experiencing breast cancer, their families and their carers. They provide accurate information, support and referral to services. The Adelaide Hills area has just been fortunate to have an application for our own BCN approved & funding granted. Kylie Campbell will be based at the Adelaide Hills Community Health Centre in Mt. Barker.

Thinking of Mum today & the mightly battle she fought. And thinking too of the 12,600 Australian women who in the next 12 months will hear those words 'You have breast cancer.' And to dear Jane & Jill & Jillie & Margie who have heard those words....stay strong.



  1. I remember well the lovely post about your Mum Millie, it was really special.....

    Thank you for today's post, it touches us all sadly X

  2. I've just read that post, like Simone, Millie and can't believe sweet Jane was the first to comment on it, two years ago. My goodness, life takes mysterious turns sometimes. Thinking of you, Lovely. J x

  3. I've just picked a glorious fuschia pink hibiscus bloom from my garden Millie and placed it in a special space in my home.
    It will be a great reminder for me of your darling Mum, those courageous woman doing their best to overcome this scurrilous disease and all who support them.

    Felicity x

  4. Hi Millie,

    I too remember the beautiful post and tribute to your dear Mother.
    The fundraising and the research work that is going on around the world, is so important and hope that we will have a cure for this one day.

    Have a great week

  5. Hear, hear Millie! There wouldn't be one amongst us who hasn't had a dear one either battling or have been battled by breast cancer. And lots of support will make a difference. Virginia xx

  6. Millie you are so wonderful. A beautiful post remembering your beautiful mum, and reminding your beautiful friends to take care of themselves and each other.
    Don't forget to take care of Millie. You are very special to all of us.
    Hope you had a good weekend.

  7. hi Millie - Lovely post.

    BC Day is passing me by today I must say, sitting here at work. In fact I am even having whole days where I don't even think once about 'cancer'. But I must say on a personal level those McGrath breast cancer nurse ladies are amazing.

    Thank you for your sweet thoughts. And as I said last time I know your mum would be so proud of you xo

  8. Wonderful post about a service that is much needed. I know how it was a time of making choices and dealing with all the issues - among them an unsupportive mother - when my youngest sister had cancer 14 years ago. I am so fortunate that she has been cancer free since her treatments ended.
    Maybe that is why the pink rose bush usually puts in a wonderful finial show in October. I do not decorate, garden, or usually wear pink .... except in October. (The rose bush was a gift.)
    Love that you had a wonderful Mum. It is a sad day when cancer interrupts a wonderful life. such a warm

  9. I just read the post about your mom and it brought back memories of my own mom's death from cancer when I was 10. For the last 18 years my sister's fight against cancer has been up and down, but to live 18 years with lung cancer is a testament to the treatments and drugs now available. We can all do our part by continuing to support the researchers (and drug companies) and hope that one day no one need go through the pain of losing someone they love. I am aware of cancer every day.

  10. I think your Mum would have loved this post today too Millie.... coming 2nd to the BFH. Tell MOTH that cutting that Butler's Pantry in half is just not on. Not on I say. A-M xx

  11. I remember that loving post you made about you Mum.
    I received a notice last month that it was time for the annual mamm, but hadn't made my appt yet. I will do so today in honor of your Mum. I thank you for the reminder.

    p.s. "design" progress photos, not "renovation"! I love "renovation" photos- which is good since they make up so much of my blog;) I meant I don't show me trying out 25 lampshades and table top vignettes;);)xx


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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