Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Puppy ICU

Dramas here at The Hedge with puppy Lulu. She was not her normal OTT self this morning & by lunch time was very unwell. A dash to see Dr. Sophie has resulted in an admission to puppy ICU with what looks to be a nasty bowel obstruction. Like any other young puppy she is a chewer, but we've been pretty careful to keep most things out of her way. She was desexed nearly 2 weeks ago & had a bit of a complication during the surgery, but she's had a good recovery. So not sure whats happening, the IV's up & the XRay's are being done. I'm about to take her favourite blanket & toy down to the Vet's as she's staying the night. She's taken The Hedge by storm since she arrived 4 months ago, she is such a personality & we already miss her heaps. She's in good hands, so we'll just have to play the waiting game.



  1. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery Miss Lulu. xx's

  2. Oh Millie, I know that feeling. Pets have a way of creeping into your heart and taking the place of another child. There are days when Tika drives me crazy (like my kids) but then when she is not around...I miss her. Hoping Lulu is on the mend soon. That chewing stage can drive one around the bend. We lost a whole miniature box hedge one year and a few gizmos from the sprinkler system....I was nearly ready to send her back to where she came from at that stage. :) Fond memories now...

    Jeanne xx

  3. She really is a cutie! Keep my finger X.

    Hope you and MOTH have a great mid-week Spring weather.

    ENjoy to the fullest, Lady.

    Missed you...

    Hugs from D´Box

  4. Dear Millie,

    I know that feeling all too well and hope sweet Miss Lulu will be fine after her visit to ICU.
    I remember after Heidi had being de-sexed she started bleeding profusely and we had to sleep the night with her next to her basket and take her to the vet the next morning, she was fine after having the vet do what he needed.
    Sending hugs and hope for a speedy recovery for your precious pup.


  5. Oh no, poor petal! Our boy Darcy is a chewer too...actually, he's a swallower; of socks (whole pairs) and undies...yep, not good. Hope your little sweetie is soon on the mend! K xx

  6. Fingers and toes are crossed Millie for Lulu's full recovery.
    Over the years we've spent thousands on two dogs (our little darling is 11yrs) and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.
    Bestest wishes
    Annie xx

  7. Wishing her a very speedy recovery MIllie...xv

  8. Hope your baby will be well soon. I can sympathize since my Jack Russell is now over 2 years old. There was no end to the things she would chew...eyeglasses, electric razors, even pills if she could jump up on the table and get them. She even once got her head stuck in a bag and almost smothered. We still have to keep everything up away from her and don't trust her a minute, but she is such a fun, loving, faithful pet that we would never think of letting her go. good luck to your little puppy! PEggy from PA

  9. Wishing a speedy recovery to Lulu. Separation anxiety is nasty but having a small cocktail might help. :>) I hope it's a minor medical issue and that she's back to eyeing up your shoes real soon.

  10. Oh dear! It's so difficult to see your beloved little pup under the weather, isn't it? Wishes for a speedy recovery! Keep us posted.

  11. prayres sent your way millie

  12. oh Millie.... puppy prayers for sweet little Lulu. I am so sorry. I hope she is better in no time. Hugs to you and MOTH.

    joan and ella

  13. Oh, she is beautiful Millie. Fingers crossed she is better really soon xx

  14. Oh our Lulu sends much doggy love and has all her paws crossed.

  15. I hope by now the diagnosis is in and all is well with Lulu x

  16. Oh good luck!!!

    Keep us posted! She is so adorable!!

  17. Aw. Hope she gets to come home soon! Our rabbit, who runs loose in the house, had a similar problem after nibbling far too much on one of my flip flops! ha.

  18. Oh Millie, I hope Lulu gets well soon...she looks like a bundle of fun. Sending big get well wishes her way X

  19. Oh Mills and MOTH,
    I'm so sorry to hear that Lulu is poorly.I know only too well about how hard it is when our pets are not well.
    Sending doggy recovery vibes to you from the UK and lots of love to you and MOTH.
    Please give us an update as soon as you can as to how everything is going. XXXX

  20. Oh Lulu looks so cute.

    I hope she gets well soon

    and be her usual playful self.

  21. Hi Millie
    Hoping Lulu's well.
    Kind Regards


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