Monday, October 17, 2011

Earth To Millie?

Architect Robert Joyce created this exquisite masterpiece in the U.S. for clients who love all things French. It was conceived as a provincial farm village with the cluster of simple farm buildings housing various parts of the family's life. Sometime today you've got to find a few minutes to visit Joyce's website here - go to the Country Houses page & open the magical world of the Provincial Village house. There are 67 large, glorious images of this project & if my reaction yesterday to this visual treat is anything to go by, you'll be absolutely speechless. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you've come back to earth!

Image: Robert Joyce Architecture



  1. I will definitely be headed there to check it out. It looks amazing just from the one photo.

    Hope you're doing well. I'm "starting" to get back to a regular routine after taking care of my father for 8 months (cancer). He passed away 2 weeks ago today. It's been difficult but it seems I've found a new avenue of creativity within my art. I wish my father could see it.

    Hugs to you. :)

  2. Absolutley gorgeous Mill's....have been over and seen it ALL, including the English house and I want all of it. I now feel that our house is totally inadequate and want that Provincial Village house !
    Will MOTH be building you one in your garden ?!! XXXX

  3. Will certainly have a sticky beak later today with a relaxing cuppa in hand.
    Thanks Millie, I suspect I'll adore what I find.
    Annie xx

  4. 67 images?? Good gracious. I'll need to start that task with a large cup of tea methinks.

  5. What an incredible home - I just looked through and that home looks 200 years old! Will have to have a long look through the rest of his portfolio.

  6. oh darling..when you purchase this little bit of heaven may i come for a visit??? i miss you!!! xoxoxo

  7. I wandered off on the happy cloud of that website and am back to thank you for pointing us towards it. The provincial farm makes normality look so unspeakably garish.

  8. Warren & I will be your guest - permanently - when you and Moth take up residence.

  9. I can hardly wait...heading over now to check his site!!

  10. I am in awe - really, I could live in any of them. I just need to remind myself that in pictures there are no bad smells, no bad neighbors, the dust never lands on the mantles or shelves and the dog never throws up on the bedroom rug. That's what I'll keep telling myself :>)

  11. I'd settle for 'her' studio!
    Hope pup gets better soon :(


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