Monday, August 25, 2008

Cottage Charisma

Images Hutker Architects

Oaks Bluff Cottage is a delightful old cottage on Martha's Vineyard. Beautifully simple, it's a home that gives the word 'Weekender' a whole new meaning! I'm particularly taken with the internal shutters used over the bathroom windows & the touch of red via the verandah rocking chairs. The original post & beam construction has moved through the different eras of this home seamlessly, at each reincarnation they just reinvent themselves magically.


  1. I love cottage charm and these images are great. Thanks for sharing, Heidi

  2. Like Willoughby S&S) I adore a cottage, but hmm the stairs look a bit challenging for my post ballet knees.

    Love the bathroom shttuers as well.
    More edivdence of your sublime taste.
    Your Hedge is a haven.

  3. I am so drawn to the simple elegance of each of the areas pictured. I don't like the overdone cottages with all the fru-fru flowers and knick knacks. This is perfection!

    I have to thank you for your super kind words you said when rating my blog. Really, it means so much. You know I feel the same about you and your blog! Thank you Millie!

  4. It was the shutters that spoke to me too Millie. I can quite picture a candlelit bath tucked up in that corner. As always, you have managed to find a simply gorgeous place.

  5. Hello Millie
    I love that staircase, in fact the whole house is wonderful......Thankyou for your visit, it made me husband is one of five brothers, and they all have sons so Kate is a rare creature, but little boys are so loving and adorable.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  6. Thank you for always commenting on my blog. I am glad to here that Claire is a wonderful place, my grandmothers middle name was claire and I have always been facinated with it. Then I had this crazy idea that I should move my family to Australia and when I started to research the country in more detail I found Claire and it just clicked. I know this is crazy but I truly feel like I have a flock of angels guiding me to there and all these signs keep pointing me in the direction I need to be in. I just can't ignore the signs, my Father and Grandparents are these angels I speak of and they were and still are apart of my heart. Thank you for living where you are and for writing about such a wonderful place where I hope to be one day. Heidi

  7. Thanks for your comment!It really cheered me up, I've been laughing every time I've seen the google logo.
    Hugs, Flisan

  8. What a relaxing home this is - so gorgeous!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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