Monday, August 18, 2008

Draping Miss Millie

Image Lizzo

This weekend was spent trying to finalize the drape dilemma in our newly completed guest room. I had gone through the decision making process, only to have to start again last week when we learnt my fabric choice had been discontinued - don't you hate that! Anyway it was back to the drawing board & many fabric sample books later, I have found one that will be OK.

As we have renovated our way through each of these quirky & challenging rooms, we have been very lucky to have had the help of a dear friend (who is also an interior designer). She has understood our needs completely & has given us the most amazing drapes & roman blinds. Each set has been a small masterpiece & I'm sure the guest room drapes will be just as wonderful. It's just that it's been a long & winding road getting there! Big hugs to you Char, thank goodness we have 25 years of friendship to draw on, or I feel certain you would have sacked my as your client years ago!!


  1. How wonderful to have a talented friend like that! I can't wait to see your finished room, assuming you'll post pictures, right???

    I need to get some friends like yours!

  2. Curtains are can be a pain and expensive too. For the last 13 years of me renovating my building I have just done some quick fixes until we actually finished the rooms(band aid solutions), I have nailed or stapled curtain panels up and once I made a faux window by nailing up 2 panels in my bedroom and then hanging a round mirror in the center. Everyone thought there was a window there but it was just a wall that needed a window. I am finally at the point of buying the fabric and the hardware, oooo expensive. Thanks for sharing and also for the wonderful comments on my blog. Heidi

  3. I love that photo... dramatic drapery... LOVELY!!!
    Oops to the paint!
    Everything will turn out PERFECT in the end!


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