Friday, August 8, 2008

Paris pied-a-terre

Images Marie Claire Maison

This chic & stylish Paris apartment is home to young Parisian fashion designer Marcel Marongiu. He has transformed this small space into an amazing light-filled & truly elegant suite of rooms. If you peep behind the screen in the Living room, you'll catch a glimpse of the Master bed. This is such a beautiful home styled with warm & timeless elegance - voila!
P.S. 2 more Conference days to go - & I've gone into Zombie mode! While it has been intellectually stimulating & exciting (at times!), I now need more than 4 hrs. of sleep a night, my own bed, steamed vegies only for the next week & definitely an alcohol-free rest of the month!


  1. PARIS... and CUPCAKES close together... HOW PERFECT! I did not even read your post yet... I was so exciting about two things I LOVE staring at me... I had to comment about my excitement RIGHT AWAY!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE... WOW... doing a little dance... wish I were in Paris eating those cupcakes... you could join me or I could join you for a chat too!
    Tootles... off to read what I missed... Fifi

  2. What a stunning apartment! I really must go to Paris soon. Happy weekend.

  3. Loved these pictures - Such a fan of the neutrals! Keep them coming!

  4. I really like the old photo/painting collection in the master- very much a clash of old and new.

  5. Oh geez, how could you have possibly found more pictures that speak to my heart? You never disappoint woman!

  6. Stunning as usual, Millie. I am looking for a folding louvre screen like that for the shop. If you know of where to get such a treasure, please let me know.
    Thanks, Ness xx

  7. What a superbly fabulous studio - the space reminds me of my much missed unley studio ... was never happier than when I was there ... best of luck on the last of the conference, just had one myself and definitely drank too much too!

  8. This post REALLY captured my attention. It's positively perfect!

    Anna :)


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