Thursday, August 21, 2008

Please take a seat!

Yes, alright then, I confess - I LOVE CHAIRS!! Chairs are so intertwined with the fabric of our lives. I lovingly remember:

  • the little wooden chair my Grandpa made for me as a toddler (in black & white gloss - so chic!).

  • a beautiful slipper chair covered in Sanderson Linen Cabbage Roses print that was in my bedroom growing up - thanks to my darling Mum!

  • the pine chairs complete with bright Marimekko fabric that came with my first grown-up dining room setting as a new bride.

  • an old Nursery rocking chair I sat in (often exhausted!) feeding all the babies.

  • 8 large, high-back chairs from a Dining Room suite bought 25 yrs ago. So many late nights with dear friends & family around our table. They were incredibly comfortable & no-one ever wanted to get up & go home! A year ago they were 'donated' to Sons 4 & 5 when they were furnishing their share house around the corner. They love them & it's wonderful to visit & still be enjoying their familiar comfort in new surroundings.

The photos I've posted do seem to have a theme. Yes, it's pretty obvious that I like feminine, elegant chairs. Not a great fan of sparse, minimalistic, modernist chairs - & I make no apology for that!

I would love to hear your favourite chair memories - it's been so lovely revisiting mine!


  1. Millie - once a again a stunning collection of photos - and I LOVE chairs as well - I want one of everyone one of those! Unfortunately my chair memories aren't as chic as yours but hope to start making some chic-er chic memories as I continue to fill my place with new things! x

  2. My favourite chair memory would be cuddling up with Dad on the sofa when I was sick. He would always feed my artistic side and buy me a new assortment of textas and pencil, along with one of those jumbo colouring books. He would fill me a glass of flat Lemonade and put cartoons on and we would sit you Dad!

  3. Millie, such beautiful chairs.. oh so feminine and elegant. My favourite chair memory is rather daggy! In the early 1970's my parents purchased 2 mission brown Jason Recliners...they were so much fun to sit in to watch "Matlock Police" and "Cop Shop". I thought they were so cool! A-M xx

  4. I LOVE that last chair. They really can make a statement all on their own. Lovely!

  5. What gorgeous chairs you have posted! Loved hearing about your trip down memory lane. My chair memory is buying my first slipcover lounges about 12 years ago - we had nothing to sit on for 8 months after we got married because I wouldn't settle for a cheaper lounge - it was worth the wait.


  7. Hi Mill,

    So nice & cozy chairs. Well, chair memories? Got lots when I use to live in diff countries.

    I remember when I was in Maitland during my college days, in our dorm, there a cozy cane rocking chair and i still remember that the students fights who sits first. I used to study there till wee in the mornings. So lovely when it rocks till i fall aslept. That's an amazing memories. School days!

    Greetings from rainy Stockholm,

  8. What lovely comments! I've had such fun reading your favourite chair memories, thanks so much everyone!!

  9. Love them all!
    I've been collecting French cildren's chairs for my Grand daughter for the last 4 years.
    She has a nice collection now.
    Great post!

  10. Millie: I love the last one- so perfect for my house! I'm on a mission now...a shopping mission!

  11. Beautiful collection you have shown here. My favorites chairs are 2 swivel club chairs that belonged to my grandmother. I have since had them reupholstered from their 60's striped velvet and when I have company, they are the first chairs grabbed.
    Lisa & Alfie

  12. Shawn, what lovely gifts to your Grand-daughter!

    Hi Michelle - yes that stunning piece from Haydon Studio is proving to be a winner - it's just about my favourite too.

    Lisa what a great comment! I just love that your grandmother's chairs are onto their 2nd life cycle & are still in great demand!

  13. Millie, I'm with you, those feminine elegant chairs are the best kind. What a stunning collection of images you found. Growing up I never had a boudoir chair in my room and now I have one in mine, my daughters and my sons room. I do have two chair memories. Growing up we had a louis chair in our hallway next to a pedestal table. When I turned 30and my mum asked me what I wanted for a gift I told her I wanted the louis chair. She gave me the money to have it recovered in whatever fabric I liked. That was nearly 4 years ago and it still hasn't be transformed yet lol. I can't decide on a fabric there are too many to choose from lol. My other chair is actually in fact a two seater tufted wing back sofa that belonged to my grandparents. Filled with cuddling memories, after their deaths I couldn't let it go so again someday I'll have it recovered and place it at the foot of my bed.

    Anna :)

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