Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dutton Terrace Diva

Images Genworth Group

One of Adelaide's loveliest suburbs is magical Medindie. Situated just a few minutes from the CBD, Medindie is loved for its large leafy landholdings, generous old Victorian & Edwardian stone villas & beautiful tree-lined shady avenues. Dutton Terrace is one of the most delightful of these boulevards, & Adelaide builder Chris Diamantis through his company Genworth Group, has built this beauty side-by-side with its twin on some rare available land.

While I really like the external appearance, I'm undecided about the interior. I'm going to go out on a limb here & say that the minimalistic look actually doesn't do it much justice. I fact, I'd love to go back to a bare canvas & give it over to the talented & very creative hands of my blogging friends Shawn @ Country French Antiques, Amanda @ Oliveaux, Gina @
Willow Decor & Tracey & Hayley @ Porchlight Interiors. I think a collaborative effort would produce an amazing result! Each have their own individual style, but together I reckon the results would be out of this world!

Then I could add MOTH's & Millie's bit & pieces & move in quite happily!


  1. I agree Millie! The outside is beautiful...what a fun project that would be to do with all our blogging friends you mentioned!! Amanda x

  2. Thanks for the mention Millie. We would indeed love to give this house the once over. It has such beautiful features and the gardens are so lovely - all thats missing is some decorating with soul. Great to see some Adelaide architecture.

  3. I had no idea there were places like this in Adelaide! Beautiful.
    And....yes, I do think we are of the same vintage. I turn 52 tomorrow (8/29). The short time I was in Adelaide, I went to Unley High,(we lived in the Beaumont area before moving up to Belair) Mitchum Tech and finally, Scotch College where I had the time of my life! Where did you grow up?


  4. Thank you Amanda, Hayley & Tracey for your insightful comments. And yes, what a fun project this would be! Glad to be able to show some of our lovely Adelaide houses.

    Hi Toni - you are spot on! I turned 52 in January & you know, it's not that bad!! I grew up in the Clare Vally & my parents moved to the city when I started secondary school. We lived in Glenunga, & I knew lots of people who went to Unley High during that time. The world truly is a small place isn't it! Lovely to have you stop by again.

  5. Hi Millie,
    First, merci beaucoup for the mention!!
    I love the exterior of the home too, but the interior needs some TLC. How much fun would that be if we could all add our touches! A fabulous result I think, plus we would have a great time in the process!!
    Oh, dream, dream!!!

  6. Love the orange tree in the last picture! I am trying to grow oranges now- I have one on the tree...hopefully it will ripen after winter. I want mine to look like this picture- beautiful!

  7. Hmmm... nice design, calm & cozy.

    Am contented w/ it.

    ENjoy the w/end ahead.

  8. A beautiful blank canvas waiting for an artist to give it some life! The wood floors are so shiny, though, that I could probably use them as a mirror!

  9. It is a great home... I would like to see more traditional pieces and some colour!
    You're a golfer... if I were close by we could hit the links!

  10. The house is beautiful but i thought the same boring interior, you all would do amazing things to this house especially with Shaun's beautiful pieces.


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