Wednesday, August 6, 2008

True Blue Too

Image Domino Magazine

Image Midnight Sun Antiques

Still lots of lovely things in my Blue folder - so during this very busy week, I'm taking the easy way out & posting Part 2. Hope you all enjoy this somewhat eclectic collection as much as I have had preparing it!


  1. Such a great collection of images!

  2. Long-time 'lurker' here! just a short note to say how much I love your blog (especially that chair above!)

    And I love the odd reference to Adelaide too... I'm ex-Adelaide and miss it so!

    Love the blog, keep up the good work - and good luck with the reno's - I spent my first 18 or so years of life living amongst my parent's various renovations - I got used to having my morning coffee with the plumber/carpenter/electrician/plasterer/etc - I know what it's like!

    PS My friends and I've spent the odd minute musing about who the (ex)Eastern suburb family with 5 boys may be - our town's a small place and there can't be that many! Don't spoil the surprise though - it's much more fun trying to guess!

  3. I'm a blue I love this post! I want that blue saucepan!

  4. Well, I enjoyed it (naturally). So glad to find fellow lovers of blue!
    Have a great day.

  5. My heart is having palpatations! Oh my it ALL!!!

  6. Such a calming colour - I also love the pot, it would match my favourite pale blue enamel saucepan. Lovely post as usual.

  7. Millie - so not the "easy way out" - i loved this collection of photos as i did part one. It must have taken forever to collect up such beautiful photos x

  8. Love blue- can not get enough. In my own home the walls are shades of Tiffany Blue. The sofa is lime green and white is the accent color. I live in the desert and when people come into my cool blue home they always feel refreshed.

  9. This makes me want a baby boy to create this look!!! :)

  10. Lovely... great minds think alike... I'm doing a BLUE post tomorrow... soon you can relax after your conferences... fine a nice blue soothing room!


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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