Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drama behind the hedge!

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Last night after getting home from work, MOTH thought he'd just finish painting one of the many doors from our upstairs hallway that he's been working on. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Picking up the large, almost full tin of white gloss paint to give it a shake, he forgot that on Sunday he hadn't banged the lid down as he normally does & yes, you guessed it, as he gave the tin it's first shake, the entire contents came flying out!! If you remember Linda Blair's big scene from The Exorcist, you've got the picture here!

Standing in the kitchen I heard it all unfold & it was like a slow-motion nightmare. There was paint EVERYWHERE - all over the newly painted walls & ceiling, the floorboards, dropsheets & most of all MOTH!!! 2 hours later we had cleaned things up as best we could, but to say MOTH was upset would be the understatement of the year! Poor darling, he's been doing such an amazing job with these renovations, this was definitely something he didn't need!!


  1. O.M.G. (Oh My God) I feel for the poor man. I got my MOTH a paint stiring tool that fits in his drill and really anything that he can use his drill for he loves or has more fun with. Feeling your pain, Heidi

  2. I was reading along and then - OH NO!

  3. Oh dear. The poor thing, how discouraging. Getting paint out of the hair is no easy feat. I am still very impressed that he thought of paintig at night after work - what a legend!
    I'm sure it will be a funny story for the family in a decade or so!

  4. Poor Chook! I don't envy the clean up at all. Hope you get the rest up. Ness xx

  5. While I'm so sorry this happened, Millie....I must thank you for your inspiring comment. I wasn't even home when I read it (thank God for blackberries) and it just really put me in a great mood. I've been so bummed that interviews haven't gone well lately, and I had that passion with my internships a few years ago, and you just reminded me of what I've lost in myself. I'm so happy to hear how your positive attitude, confidence and drive brought you such success. You should be so proud of yourself!!! :)

    Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Noooooooooo! Oh Millie, you poor things. I painted my bedroom a couple of weeks ago and I was picturing that happening with the 10 litre can I was lugging around my room, perching on window sills and my dresser covered in drop sheets. I did managed to step on the up turned paint lid with my socks on at one stage, and still picking white paint out of my hair - not bad for clumsy me!! Poor MOTH x

  7. Oh no poor MOTH...what a huge clean up!!! Hopefully everything is back on track!

  8. Awww, I feel bad for him too. However, did you get pictures...you know how you can laugh at things like this AFTER the fact? :)

  9. Oh my, yes big misstake:-. Poor man trying to do some good:-.

    Hope you could get the paint off!

    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  10. OHHHHHH! Poor Guy! That is truly one of the worst feelings in the world. And the more you clean, the more mess you feel you are making.
    I was painting my mom's living room emerald green and I fell off the ladder with paint bucket in hand. It fell onto pale silver sage wool carpet. You get the picture.
    Moth has my condolences.
    Lisa & Alfie

  11. Oh ....worst nightmare! Spilt paint. I hope you manage to salvage the work you have already done. Tell MOTH we all feel for him. I don't think he will ever leave a lid half on again! Don't you loathe "life lessons"! A-M xx

  12. Thanks everyone. It seems that he's not alone with this, Lisa your story sent me into shivers at the thought of your Mom's carpet.

    Tanya, if I'd taken a camera up with me on my rescue mission, I reckon he would be briefing a divorce lawyer today!

  13. YIKES! you poor things...A lesson for everyone...I hope his stress levels have returned to normal now.

    Anna :)


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