Friday, August 29, 2008

Karma Camelia

Perfectly gorgeous on our front garden path!

Buds on the Silver Birch tree behind the camelia - hooray!

Our overgrown Winter garden - I can't wait to get out & do some tidying up once it gets a little warmer!

Looking out our Sitting Room window last Sunday.
If you look hard enough through the mist, you'll be able to just make out the roof of our neighbour Judith's little stone cottage & the puff of smoke coming from her chimney!

Wet, misty & freezing cold - welcome to a Stirling winter!

In amongst the chaos of my week, I found a beautiful moment! Rushing out the door yesterday morning I was greeted by something wonderful - blue skies, warm sun & a blaze of pink on the front garden path!!

It seems all the camelias in Stirling have delayed their colouful arrival this year. It has been the talk of everyone in the village & it appears that our dreadfully dry summer was to blame for their very late appearance. However, I'm very happy to report all is well & when I find a moment to do a wander around the garden over the weekend, I'm sure I'll find all my other favourites about to put on a stunning display.

I was balancing the laptop on my knees in the car yesterday afternoon, the sun was streaming in through the windows & for the first time since March it was just fantastic to have my bones warmed by natural sunlight! It will be short-lived however, as it looks like another cold front is fast approaching, but who cares, for a few hours all was perfect with my world & I'll carry that with me all weekend!

I'm so looking forward to visiting you all & seeing what has gone on in your busy lives this week while I've been otherwise occupied - happy weekend everyone!


  1. I love the contrast in your photos Millie, the misty ones made me shiver! I hope your camelias put on an extra special show to make up for their late arrival, they are certainly looking good so far. I'm sending some sunshine down from Brisbane for your weekend!

  2. It is so beautiful to see the winter photos - I miss those stunning hills winters. I think the camelia's must be out at Mum and Dads too - they are just so divine. You have made my week putting those photos up , thanks!

  3. Millie, they are beautiful, and your Winter looks like ours here in Tassie. We too have had a fews sunny feel so healthy when the sun arrives. Looking forward to your visit. Ness xx

  4. Beautiful flower pics - thanks for sharing! They just make me smile.

  5. Wow!!! what a wonderful pix! Cozy misty day, huh?

    Soon, summer come & it's your time to enjoy the heat of the sun. Wish to have an OZ sunshine on my skin.

    Enjoy ur w/nd Millie...

    greeting from chilly & windy Stockholm!

  6. Cammelia is majestic, royal and aristocratic..

  7. i arrived to live in the Mount Lofty ranges in May 1971 on just such a misty day...they remain my favourites


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
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