Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Gentle Gardener

Image Ebba & Jag

Image IB Laursen

Image Fridas Gard

Image Mothology

It is well-known that the Man-of-the-House has an 'interesting' relationship with his chain saw. The first time I asked him to prune all the Standard roses in the front garden of our old house, the boys came running inside yelling urgently for me to go outside straight away. Thinking something terrible had happened, dropping everything I ran at top speed, only to be halted in my tracks by the sight of MOTH using not a gentle, considered motion with my secatuers on the roses, but attacking the poor things with the chain saw. With all the commotion he had also drawn a crowd of wide-eyed passers-by, who were as stunned as me to see such a horrendous act being inflicted in the name of gardening!

In a flood of tears I begged him to stop, but he just ignored me & continued on until the lot were totally lopped. It took weeks for him to get me to believe that this chainsaw massacre was going to be for the best, continually citing the 'No pain, no gain' theory. However much to my amazement the next flush saw the roses produce the most incredible mass of blooms. Those beautiful creatures then went onto to become a feature in our street & people would always stop & enquire wanting tips & hints . However, I still remain the gentle gardener in this house, so here are a few delicious things that I would love on my gardening Wish List.


  1. I have to say, one of the MOST beautiful blogs to come along for a long time! merci.

  2. What a beautiful phrase, 'the gentle gardener'! Lovely images . A-M xx

  3. What stunning images - almost makes me want to do some gardening, but I think I'll have a cup of tea instead. Tracey

  4. kThese images are inspiring me to do something with my yard. I love beautiful gardens but I've been concentrating on the inside rennovations and the poor garden is non existant! Maybe that will change soon....Amanda

  5. What a beautiful images. So, swedish, indeed...

    All the words you wrote really ryhms...

    ENjoy the week ahead, Madam!

    hugs from STockholm

  6. Oh dear. I would have died!! I love my standards and hubby is to go now where near them eith his brown thumb!! What a great post..Ness xx

  7. I would love to have a beautiful garden to potter around in, a lovely bench like in the bottom photo and a sweet cubby house for the kids.
    Laughed at your story about the roses - does your hubby take all the credit for their current loveliness?

  8. Ok. MOTH must have gone to the same school of gardening as my father!!! I love it. xx

  9. I love it, it all remindes me of one of my favorite stores in Kansas City called The Curious Sofa. You can check out her site at www.curioussofa.com and her blog at www.curioussofa.blogspot.com Everything is very muted and shades of Ivory, putty and tans. The owner's name is Debbie and she is a creative genuis. I will have to add her as a link to my blog come to think of it. Thanks, for the eye candy. Heidi

  10. Everything looks so beautiful!

  11. Please post a picture of your lovely roses if possible. MB


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