Friday, August 22, 2008

Savoy Hotel, Florence

Images Hotel Savoy

After the ultra modern surrounds & remoteness of Rahimoana last weekend, I think a total change of pace is needed. I really crave a weekend of shopping & what better place to do this than gorgeous Firenze! The Hotel Savoy offers luxury & style in the heart of Florence. This is part of the luxurious Rocco Forte Collection & has been styled by the renown designer Olga Polizzi.

Located on the Piazza Repubblica, the hotel is close to the Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery & the Ponte Vecchio. With the days still warm & the nights balmy, lets shop all day in Florence's wonderful fashion houses & boutiques & dine outdoors in the evening watching the world go by!


  1. Count me in!
    Thanks for the photo's, sounds lovely!

  2. Ok. So i'm thinking I've got two options.... go into work both Saturday AND Sunday because you can't see my desk for files, or trip the light fantastic at the Savoy in Florence.....decisions, decisions..... x

  3. Of this takes me back to our honeymoon! The husband and I went to Florence and staying the Villa San Michele- it was wonderful! I miss Florence...thanks for reminding me!!!

  4. I LOVE Firenze... GREAT GREAT place! However... I did not stay in that swanky place... but I had the best time and food and FUN and art overdose!
    Lovely post... have great weekend... I will be in Provence... pop over for a glass of wine! Fifi

  5. Oh I am so ready to go there...

  6. I will be there and spend every penny i have §:-)) with you & your group of OZ ladies.

    Firenze is wonderful city. Good food & nice people. Shopping malls? LUV ém. Museums...jst name it, they got it all.

    Enjoy ur w/end,

  7. I'm there!!! Such a beautiful hotel...hope you have had a great weekend! Amanda

  8. That is a hotel in my liking:- it´s absolutely beautiful.

    And great photos as well:-
    Hugs from a rainy Singapore

  9. All that's missing in these photos is me!


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