Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Next stop Milan!

Image Versace

Versace have just refurbished their Milan showroom. I think I could do some serious damage to the old Mastercard if I was able to shop in these glorious surroundings. The very occasional times MOTH comes shopping with me, the first thing he looks for is a chair to plonk down on.

As some of you are aware I've posted before on the white linen slipcovers on our Sitting Room chairs - and MOTH's need to always throw a towel down on them prior to plonking! As his alias is Mr. Clumsy, he reckons that its his safety net against any nasty accidents & avoiding the Millie Death Stare!
I'm not sure how Donatella V. would cope with MOTH bringing his own plonking towel to her beautiful showroom, but at least he'd feel safe & secure on those gorgeous white lounges!! And knowing MOTH he'd probably ask for a cold beer as soon as he sat down & promptly spill it! I think poor old Gianni would positively spin in his grave!!


  1. Ha Ha! Thats funny. I have just posted of the 'Husband Bench' Men require on a shopping trip. The couch covers are wouldn't expect anythignless from the Versace clan. Ness xx

  2. What a beautifully considerate (trained?) husband you have. Mine? ...blissfully unaware of CONSEQUENCE,.i.e., red wind and white equals A-M death stare! Hilarious... the "plonking towel" - new vocabulary just LOVE it! A-M xx

  3. I agree with A-M, love the plonking towel. I should get one of my own..... I have stupidly just bought (well a couple of months ago now) a white slip covered sofa from Tanget Traders (my favourite shop in the universe) and I am starting to think I should have got a tarpaulin slip covered sofa instead - I'm hopeless.

  4. Stunning blog I am so glad I passed by, I will be back could I not!!

  5. Glad to have some sympathetic friends in blog world who understand my white plight!

    Ness - that's spooky!

    A-M - yes, white furnishings seems to have a magnetic relationship with red wine like no other!

    Miss K - I love Tangent Traders too & you never know, tarpaulin may be the next big thing in fabric trends!

    Lynn - what a delight to have you visit! I've been visiting your blog often, but not leaving a comment, so must change that! Your blog is truly one of the loveliest I've seen!

  6. Thank you for a late night laugh!

  7. Yes, Thanks for a great laugh after a long day!!!! I just love your descriptionsm - so true!


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